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  1. UPDATE: 4:20 PM, FRIDAY, FEB 17. The dog's owner has been found and the dog returned. I was reluctant to post a photo of the dog. If someone had lost this dog and seen my post, they could easily have described him. Posting a photo would open some doors that I'd prefer stay shut. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.
  2. Found this morning, Friday Feb. 17. Kingswood Club Estates off of Hiram Sudie Road near Hiway 61. Well groomed. No collar. No chip. We are keeping him until we hear from someone.
  3. Could it have been a little farther on down Foster Ave., in the direction toward the railroad tracks, on the right? Do you remember an Exhibition Hall being there, where people came to display livestock, agricultural goods, baked goods, etc.?
  4. Was there ever, a long time ago (1920's, 1930's) a fair in Dallas?
  5. http://www.eastlothiannews.co.uk/news/local-news/musselburgh-masons-in-minutes-mystery-1-3784883 Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 182 right here in Dallas, GA faces this same problem. The only Minutes we have begin in 1924, when the Lodge, opposite the old Courthouse, burned. The Lodge was chartered in 1853. From existing documents, we have reason to believe that at least some of the Lodge Minutes prior to 1908 were not in the Lodge when it burned. It is possible that they are sitting in a box in someone's home, forgotten. When you have a moment, won't you please check in some of those old
  6. I pruned my apple tree today. Does the Paulding County landfill accept unbagged limbs, twigs, etc.? I went to their website and could only find what they won't accept, (no mention of limbs, twigs, etc.) but I don't want to drive all the way out there tomorrow and find out that they don't accept yard clippings and such. Thanks.
  7. Fellow Citizens, Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 182, F&AM, located in downtown Dallas across from the "old" Courthouse, is in the process of collecting information about the history of our Lodge, and we earnestly solicit your assistance. Our Lodge was founded in 1853, and has met continuously since then. Unfortunately, many of the older minutes are missing, and so there are large gaps in the history of the Lodge. We are especially interested in: - any information, recollections, Dallas New Era or other newspaper clippings, photographs, or remembrances in regards to the fire in t
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