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  1. So much for fairness and transparency
  2. I noticed it changed from Password Protected Forum - Laurie Penny to Password Protected Forum - Pubby So whats the password? .
  3. What’s the password? I’ve heard a few things. Anyone else?
  4. I think it was on purpose. But then what do I know.
  5. If it was workers they should have treated the area before leaving. That’s just a wreck waiting to happen.
  6. Fees never go down. Don’t forget how many times they’ve moved and the Suntrust building full of mold needing rehab.
  7. I am so sorry. I remember that you mentioned that you cared for her during her battle with MS. On a New Years Eve at 4:25 in the afternoon my husband was released from his battle with kidney cancer. He was so young and my kids were 18 and 21. Because it was Christmas and he passed on New Years Eve and was buried on our anniversary, it took me a long time to really enjoy the holidays again. My prayers are with you and it will take a long time to heal from losing her. Yes shes free, just like my husband. But you never stop missing them. Sometimes it seems like it was yesterday but this
  8. Years ago I loved Aramis Times changed and then it was Lagerfeld. Now it’s Aqua De Gio. It’s fresh and wonderful without being overpowering. I’ve actually become allergic to some, including my own Romance by Raph Lauren. I wear Butterfly Flower lotion and spray from Bath and Body Works and get complimentes all the time. Can’t deal with the heavy any more, men’s or women’s.
  9. I remember back in the eighties if you knew how to climb a pole, you could cut on the cable for your house. For free.
  10. Don’t do a interview criticizing Trump and you won’t get your ass handed to you.
  11. From one soldier (You) to another (EZ), you are a disgrace to your country. You really should get some help.
  12. I would say its because Tillerson has been making the rounds talking bad about Trump. Trump had to say something, its just the way he is. And Ill vote for him again in 2020. And Im not a Rush fan at all, but this, he nailed it.
  13. LOLOL And they speak Spanish. Hell half of Florida speaks Spanish but most are LEGALLY immigrated Cubans and Puerto Rican’s.
  14. Y’all are just reaching. She said/he said “There is no evidence that Trump himself or executives at his company knew the two women were illegals—Morales admitted she was hired with phony documents—however, the women claim at least two supervisors at the club were aware of their situation and helped them keep their jobs.”
  15. I think they should play Santa Baby. Now that would really offend the #metooers. I really would like a Sable under the tree. .
  16. Somehow I would like to think God gave us common sense for a reason. This was a protected island and a protected tribe. No one is allowed to visit these people. The young man had already been shot at with an arrow and retreated. Somehow I think he wasn’t listening to what God was trying to tell him. He tried, he failed, he should have left. He would still be alive.
  17. . What fact would that be? That I called out an old man for being nasty with my heritage? And you deleted it? Because you did. It’s not there.
  18. . Ask the ones in control of this board. I have no idea. I wasnt even being ugly, which I could have been and told the old geyser to shut the f*ck up. But I didnt and I just did. LOL .
  19. I made a post last night that has since disappeared after Eddie made his disgusting comment. I told him he just needed to shut up because he’s very disrespectful and I do take offense to it because I am cognizant of the harm done to Native Americans, of which I am one. So Eddie, if all you can do is make lewd, disgusting remarks related to sexual situations you need to shut up. And I’m going to report you.
  20. I’ve always heard that American natives are Asian. They crossed the land bridge thousands of years ago. I have a lot of Cherokee on both sides.
  21. I’ve already studied them and will be voting NO on all of them. I have to study them because of the confusing language in them. And they do that on purpose. And I’ve learned to never, ever vote yourself a tax increase.
  22. I always vote no on these poorly worded amendments meant to confuse. I’m voting NO on all of the amendments. And never, never vote yourself a tax increase.
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