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    I am the proud graduate of PCHS and the proud father of two current PCHS Patriots.
  1. http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local/2-teenage-girls-killed-in-carroll-county-crash/nnpdq/
  2. Kerstin Kruse Liberty 2 hrs · Edited · On Wednesday as I was driving home from a trail run in Cartersville I traveled on highway 61 south. As I passed through the intersection at 278-61 at the gas station on the right there, I ended up behind two vehicles that at first I thought were just punk teens driving badly. One was a black mustang and one was what I discovered was a camry. The camry was dangerously tailing the mustang and the mustang was speeding up and slamming on brakes while the camry aggressively tailed the mustang. All the while both cars picked up speed very quickly. The camry then attempted to pass on double yellow lines and the mustang sped up very quickly to stop her from passing so both lanes were taken up as they raced along. At that point, another small sedan was turning left out of a side road and that moment the camry had attempted to jerk over in front of the mustang and smashed into the turning vehicle. Both the camry and mustang were going at exceptional speeds. I was attempting to call 911 on them racing and road raging but was too late. As a result of the Camry and Mustang's road rage, two people died. I was literally right behind them. No matter what 'news story' you read on this accident, this is the truth of what happened. I felt it necessary to post this because NO news outlet has gotten it right. It was a horrific thing but the fact they are blaming the deceased people makes me furious. Oh, and 911 never did answer when I was able to call. Very reassuring. ETA: The mustang was completely undamaged. The camry was totaled but the driver came away with a busted ankle. The other sedan had the fatalities.Also, the camry driver just kept sobbing how it was all her fault, she did it, it was her fault. I agree.
  3. It all depends on who you are. The kids at PCHS are getting away with asault because they are just playing - so the harm they cause is not a big deal. Unless you are the one who ends up hurt.
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