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  1. That's the part that disturbs me the most. People talk a good game but don't ever fecking DO anything about it. These are YOUR KIDS, the most important things in your life. Don't sit around and let govt bureaucrats tell you how to raise them, or worse, let them raise the kids for you. (I'm not yelling at you, cmorg, just people in general who are too lazy to take care of what should be their responsibilities; it's too easy to just say "not my job".)
  2. True, and I agree there's nothing wrong with the schools serving healthier lunches. But when kids and their parents complain that the kids aren't getting enough to eat, they need to look in the mirror for the solution, not just bitch about the tax-payer funded lunches. Pack your own lunch, or at least pack some supplemental snacks, and then you'll know what and how much they're eating. It's that simple.
  3. It saddens me to see so many people complain about how the school lunches are "starving" their kids. People, they are YOUR kids, YOU raise them! Don't hand them over to the government to raise and then complain about what a piss-poor job they are doing. At the very least, send them to school with their own lunches and snacks, and if the schools don't let them eat enough to keep up their blood-sugar and energy levels, don't just complain on a message forum. Do something about it, or pull them out and find another way. Take back control of raising your own kids, take it out of the hands of government. It's simple really, and there are no excuses to do otherwise.
  4. I agree that it seems personal because of the rage involved. Robbery? Nobody is dumb enough to rob someone on the trail, we don't bring our purses with us! The most we'll have is a phone. Whatever the motive, I can almost guarantee drugs are involved, illegal or otherwise. It seems like whenever there is violence in the news nowadays, the perpetrator is on some kind of medication. This country is way too obsessed with using drugs to solve their problems, and the doctors and pharmaceutical companies are only too happy to comply. Poor woman. Whatever the reason, even if she were caught up in something she shouldn't have been, nobody deserves to be treated like that. :-(
  5. Nobody can be 100% safe anywhere. I understand people's reactions and efforts to minimize their risk. I have no problem with people carrying weapons on the trail; I regularly walk on it and often greet an older gentleman on a bike who I know carries a gun and I am fine with that. However, I find it intriguing that people are afraid of the more "remote" areas of the trail. To me, the parts that of the trail that wind through the protected forest/wilderness or whatever it's called are much safer. Why? Because I'd rather walk through an uninhabited forest than in the backyard of a trailer park. To me, the former is MUCH less likely to harbor unsavory types than the latter. Just my opinion.
  6. No, actually. Treating them as human beings from the start, rather than little minions that need to be molded in whatever manner you choose until some arbitrary age (18? 21? 26?), teaches them to treat other humans with respect. It does not mean no rules or societal norms. But that's fine. You raise your children the way you want, with no judgment from me (because undoubtedly they are being raised the way I was raised and I don't pass judgment on my own parents as they were also just doing what everyone else did), and I'll raise mine to respect themselves and others and to be the best they can be at whatever THEY choose to excel. :-) ETA: And because, despite the date next to my current username, I've been around long enough to know you want to get the last word, feel free to comment and consider yourself the winner. :-)
  7. Charter schools are nothing more than public schools with a different face, so you cannot lump them in with the homeschooling category. And the only generalization I made about public schools, at least in my post above, is that the kids have to sit and listen to lectures, along with kids of their exact age, for 6-8 hours every day about things that don't interest them. That is the furthest thing from any version of homeschooling. That type of learning may work for some kids, but certainly not all. But anyway, my original intent is not to spark a war between homeschooling vs. public schooling. I just wanted to point out that it would be nice if people would take the time to learn about a topic before jumping to erroneous conclusions. Of course, this IS p-com.... ;-)
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. And for all we know, she was attacked somewhere else and dumped there; if I'm not mistaken there is a trailhead and parking lot nearby (though the above article states she was walking on the trail). No matter. All the fearmongers will be out in force anyway, stating how dangerous it is to walk on the trail. Two attacks in 8 years, and they'd rather drive on the roads where people are killed every single day. It's laughable.
  9. Actually, unschooling is more prevalent than you might think. It may be a new concept to some of you, but just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad. Open your minds and think outside your own little world, you may learn something. Not being snarky, it's just so disheartening to read all these comments that basically say "That's different from how I was raised, therefore it's bad." Public school assumes all kids should be "taught" the same thing, even though kids have different interests, different learning styles, and learn things in their own timeframe (example: not all kids potty-train or walk at the exact same age, so why should we expect them to read or understand math concepts at the exact same age?). Being forced to sit in school for 6-8 hours and being lectured to is NOT how humans have traditionally learned anything; the current school model has only been around for the last 100-150 years, as opposed to thousands of years of human existence. It is NOT a natural environment and serves only to turn kids into good little citizens that don't question authority; it's not in the best interest of the State for people to think for themselves. I could go on and on, but it's not my intent to convince any of you that homeschooling, including all its variants, is the right way for everyone. Just realize that we are out there and growing in numbers, and we're not evil, and we're not screwing up our kids. For some it's a backlash against the State, for some it's a matter of religious or spiritual beliefs, and there are a million other reasons for homeschooling. But please give kids some credit. They are fully functioning human beings who are perfectly capable of learning what they need to survive and thrive. Humans have done so for a LONG time before public schools came into existence.
  10. Agreed! My weather radio went off for a thunderstorm watch, then a few minutes later the siren goes off? Paulding is way too liberal with their siren use, I tend to ignore it now (unless I'm trying to sleep). One day there will be a real weather emergency but we'll all tune it out because they're being stupid with it. A thunderstorm watch warrants a siren, really?
  11. It's funny to me how many people on these threads say "I really don't care!" about someone coming out as gay. If you didn't care at all about this topic, you wouldn't even bother reading or commenting. Sounds like a lot of passive aggressiveness.
  12. HA! Tell that to RG3, Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, and all the other attention whores in the NFL and all of professional sports. Not to mention the fans that worship them.
  13. I'm worried about the weather but not sure how to plan or prepare, so I'm keeping my eyes glued to the Weather Channel for an interview with Kasim Reed to tell me what to do. All kidding aside, it may be overkill but since the last one is still fresh in our minds it's not a bad idea to cancel school/work/activities wherever possible for the next couple of days. Stay safe everyone! Don't forget the bread, milk and beer!
  14. No, that person is the exact opposite of a homeschooler. Doing busy work for the sake of doing busy work without regard to whether the kids are actually learning? He/she belongs in the public school system. But I agree about the attitude. Maybe a little decaf is in order. :-)
  15. Why? Wouldn't this be a good time to make up for some of last week's hours? Not trying to get into an argument, just honestly wondering.
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