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  1. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/patient-says-woman-accused-posing-dentist-caused-complications-sending-him-hospital/XnVFMhvZdYA1FMpVv6qGuO/
  2. Your problem is that you can’t see past your nose.
  3. It’s been apparent for a very long time that some law enforcement officer was forced to take some type of corrective action against you in the past. So this forum is the only place in your own little world to get even against that mean law enforcement professional.
  4. I'm surprised the postman hasn't chimed in blaming the police for the killings.
  5. I live in New Hope and that service is not available at my home. What part of the county do you live in?
  6. What's so wrong with you submitting the required information? Since you are the one complaining, you shouldn't have any problem doing that, Mr. Private Citizen.
  7. What a stupid idea!!! Replace one hog trough with another hog trough.
  8. Will someone tell me what an "uptake" is?
  9. I wasn't aware that Buchanan Hwy went to Hiram.
  10. Your life must really suck when all you have to complain about is the pavement causing you tires to make a noise!!
  11. The best thing to do is throw your floppies in the garbage. Their format is corrupted.
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