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  1. I have 2 houses i need pressure washed, looking for reccomendations for someone reputable
  2. They cleared over night, looks like all is well. I will not take anything but cash from here on out. Too many stories about fakes, counterfeit, ect
  3. I deposited the money orders into my account and told the bank to place a security hold on them until they 100% clear. She said they should clear within 24hrs. I dont plan on spending the cash in the immediate future so hopefully all is well. I will keep you all updated Thanks
  4. Theyre from a bank of america money center. I called to verify and all they would verify was that it is a valid account number, but not the amount ect.
  5. it was his idea, said he couldnt withdraw 6k at 3:30 on a saturday so he got money orders from the money center at kroger
  6. I accepted 6 1000 dollar each money orders yesterday evening when i sold my used accord for 6k. Theyre from bank of america on thornton rd and i met the guy locally. I felt fine with the transaction but now im getting nervous about accepting anything thats not cash. Has anyone been handed a fake money order, water marks ect look legit
  7. I am having some trouble with my central ac unit in my attic. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a good hvac company? Not expecting something for nothing but dont want to over pay either.
  8. Will definately try top of the river, not the first time ive heard about it
  9. While we are talking about seafood dallas seafood has a higher health score
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