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  1. I would support a program to move people out of the county. Quality of life should not be measured by your tax bill or pocketbook. Tax rates could go down if we were not supporting all these school needs brought on by higher population. Most of the main roads are state maintained anyway and I won't even try to act like police and fire are up to par regardless of tax rates. We do have an empty airport in the middle of the woods though. I am a small businessman and I personally see no advantage to more people. JMO.

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  2. We went to church with Jessie at Dallas Church of God in the late 80's early 90's. We even visited her at Grady during one of her episodes. We have broken bread with her numerous times and she blessed us with her friendship. I have seen the holy ghost power of the lord all over this woman. She was mentally ill, poor and far from perfect but full of love for the lord and people. I do not know her from standing on the road with her tambourine. I was lucky enough to know her much better. She knew all my wife's family and myself by name. You are right don't judge so that you be not judged.  

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  3. I was a big fan of Craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances back in the day. The last time I went in Sears at AP the customer service was so bad I left my items on the counter and walked out. The albatross of the K-Mart brand and failure to adjust with the times was probably the beginning of the end. K-Mart had degenerated into dirty low class bargain stores by time Sears bought them. Rich's and Sears were the first department stores I remember as a kid. I had an aunt who passed away in the early eighties that retired from Sears on Ponce with a very good retirement plan for that time period. I believe she had 35+ years of service.

  4. Braves game was a nail biter very exciting ending. Hopefully the mojo will carry on today. Falcons are awful, have always been awful. King Arthur says he is not even considering a coaching change. Have not gotten into Atlanta United yet even though I played varsity high school and rec soccer. They seem to be a winning franchise so good luck to them. Go Braves, Go Dawgs, Go Atlanta United, whatever Falcons.

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  5. Thank y'all so much for the suggestions. We now have some great ideas!!! :)


    I didn't think about it before but Ray's by the River is a pretty good atmosphere for dining your sweetie.

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  6. I took my mom to Pitty Pats for her birthday in April. It is still open and the food and service was good. The chicken is first class although I had the bourbon ribs and they were great. You can park at the parking deck right beside the entrance ($20) but do not take a large vehicle because it is a tight fit. The Sundial is right across the street and that is a good choice also along with Chops in Buckhead. Hope this helps.

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  7. If you want to show your children/grandchildren a definition of a what a man is suppose to be show them this article. In fact show them the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan and teach them about WW2. I tear up when I think about that day and wonder if I would have had the guts to hit that beach. I cannot express in words the pride I take in being an American. Although I had nothing to do with that moment in history my chest swells when I see these Patriots/Heroes given their dues. My great uncle was killed by a land mine in Germany during the march to Berlin. He was my mothers favorite uncle and at 87 yo she still grieves for him and puts flowers on his grave. I will not get political but only say these men are a huge reason I turn into a-hole Stonewall when the damn liberal French criticize anything about America. It is cliché but very possible that they would be speaking Dutch if not for The Yanks. God Bless these American heroes and the ones who did not make it back from Europe or the Pacific. By the way these 90+ yo paratroopers are and have always been bad asses I wish I could by them all a drink and talk to them for a few minutes. God Bless the U.S.A.

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  8. That's a bad stroke of luck. My wife was diagnosed with BPPV (Benign Paradoxial Positional Vertigo) 17 years ago. It is chronic although she has a great deal of control over it now using physical therapy and medication when necessary. I highly recommend therapy over meds or surgery. While her case is not degenerative or caused by physical damage of inner ear structure the symptoms are very similar. My mother was diagnosed with BPPV just two weeks ago. BT I have learned a few things about dealing with inner ear. Firstly the symptoms can come on with no warning and can be mild or acute. Secondly time heals but it can take weeks or months to feel "normal". Thirdly you have to adjust your movements and activities learning what triggers and what relives symptoms. Lastly you have to press on and live your life through the symptoms. They both have bad days and good days but the good far outweigh the bad. My wife has ridden and shown horses for over 30 years. The last 17 while dealing with symptoms from BPPV. She struggles with balance from time to time but she does not let that stop her from doing what she loves. If you want to ride you will ride my friend but you have got to get stubborn and mean about it. Hang in there, follow doctor's orders and steel you mind against naysayers and bad days.

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  9. This is a topic that I avoid most of the time. I am very conservative on almost all issues and proud of it. However in the case of telling some one what they can do with their own body it is a slippery slope. My opinion is the answer is somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately the law is seldom written with any sensible gray area. This gray area would require case by case analysis by impartial judges of each situation. This allows for subjectivity which can be corrupted and manipulated by outside forces. In cases of incest, rape, endangerment of the mother or definitive proof of severe genetic defects I think termination of pregnancy should be a legal viable option. In cases of using aboortzion as birth control I am fervently against it. I also believe life begins and ends with a heartbeat. The people in this thread who bring up gun violence are just using a favorite tactic of the left, misdirection. The two topics have nothing to do with each other it is just mindless chatter from the mindless. The legality of this law will be tested but there is no passage in the constitution that says you have the right to kill anyone, born or unborn.

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  10. While a masterpiece of mid-evil architecture its beauty hides the ruthlessness and piety of the Catholic church during that time. The structure was built on the backs and taxes of a very poor peasant class under the iron rule of monarchs and holier than thou church officials who used ignorance to oppress the indigent and poor. Having said that and having no love loss for the socialists French I could care less that it is gone. I heard the government surrendered when the fire alarms went off.

  11. My favorite cousin succumbed to liver cancer last Friday night. He was a good man. Honorable, funny, hard working, honest, family man, married fifty years and Marine Class of 69 Vietnam. I can honestly and proudly say I never knew anyone who had anything bad to say about him. He was a hero of mine and I will miss him dearly. Please pray for his wife, mother and son they are lost without him. Semper Fi Cuz.

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