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  1. I saw this story and thought it would be an interesting accompaniment to this thread. How often would you go to a bar if they passed something like this in Georgia ? Good idea ? SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — New Year's Eve revelers in Utah could find themselves with more than a hangover as 2019 dawns. If they drink and drive, they could end up on the wrong side of the nation's newest and lowest DUI threshold. The 0.05 percent limit goes into effect Sunday The change means that depending on things such as food intake, a 150-pound man could be over the 0.05 limit after two beers in an hour, w
  2. Can't give you a link Ive been banned, we both know it that's good enough for me. Here's a hint, post # 17. It's basically a variation of the same post with a few words changed to fit the occasion.
  3. Good thing for you free speech is protected here and being a "A hole" does not get you banned. PS : Saw that same insult from you on another site, even your insults are recycled drivel.
  4. Your post is still there it's post no.18 and was replied to in no.19. Maybe you didn't agree with it but it was not overlooked.
  5. So that's the answer "all presidents lie" ? That's not an answer it's an excuse, it's a cop out,and it's one of the lamest diversions in the world. The notion that the leader of the United States with all the power over our lives and the world with all that entails "just makes stuff up" can be dismissed like it is nothing is down right disturbing. According to Trump Mexico is going to pay for a wall, the Russians did not meddle in our elections,the Saudi prince didn't murder a innocent civilian, Canada is a threat to national security and North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. Hel
  6. As of december 20,2018 Trump has told 4,229 false or misleading statements. That turns out to be an average of 7.6 a day RM was not judging who is good or bad just that this does not seem to bother Republicans. How about you, do you think the President of the United States should be honest with the American people and when he is not do you think he should be held accountable ?
  7. Who doesn't love bacon but it does not belong on a pie no more than ketchup belongs on scrambled eggs, corn in chili or cracklin in cornbread. (To be honest Ive never tried it but don't tell cp30 I said that.)
  8. And they have also gotten a raise every year since 1983, not one except in 1980 and 81 including this year amounted to 10%. Another Trump pinocchio. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2018/may/10/donald-trump/did-donald-trump-sign-first-military-pay-raise-10-/
  9. Papa Johns is a step above Little Caesars and about equal to a frozen Digiorno's . Did you get you a cup of that vegetable oil and garlic salt sauce ? Disclaimer : I get a Digiorno's when I see them on sale and I haven't had a Little Caesars in 10 year, for all I know they stopped using imitation cheese, Papa John's does serve some decent buffalo wings though . PS; nothing personal, please don't make my computer blow up.
  10. Pizza with bacon is uncivilized, pepperoni,sausage yes. What's next pineapple ?
  11. Tuff call, keep in mind one slice leads to another next thing you know you'll be laying in some back alley with an empty pizza box and the smell of tomato sauce on you breath, then again life is short and if you have to go what better way than by a large New York style pepperoni and a pitcher of draft beer ?
  12. Hard to tell what the Republican party's goals are nearest anyone can tell it some kind of fascist theocracy with a touch of Aryan supremacy. Of course with the Stable Genius in charge that could change next week, tomorrow or in time for dinner . On a side note you may have heard Trump went to Iraq, he was only in country for a few hours yet managed to compromise the location of a Seal Team Six's location and lie to the troops about a fictitious non existent pay raise. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/dec/27/trump-iraq-location-tweet-troops-visit-revealed https://www.ne
  13. I guess this means the spy satellites and surveillance team stays.
  14. How dare you support Trump and claim to be a patriot. Truth is supporting Trump flies in the face of everything this country stands for,opposing him is the only patriotic course someone that really cared for this country could do. Like modern day Judas and his 30 pieces of silver his supports have traded the country that millions have fought and given their lives,for nothing more than the sake of party loyalty and their share share of some short lived rewards.
  15. Great, it's still in negative territory for the year but great, BTW Taking note of current events is not rejoicing a church going choir boy such as yourself should know that.
  16. That's only because Trump is in Iraq and can't get on Twitter.
  17. That's what irritates a lot of people. What you call hate others call a reaction to his policies and irrational, absurd and divisive behavior. If there was a plane crash everyday folks would respond to it not because they hate planes but because of the carnage it creates. I know some have decided to ignore it that it's the new normal the other 60 percent of America can't. For the last 2 years it has been nothing but chaos and destruction and the only reason you see such a visceral reaction is it's every single week it's not because people necessarily hate the man it's what he is doing to Ame
  18. " members at the "other" site migrated there to avoid the juvenile nonsense spewed by you, the Postman, and all the aliases of Ryan Hale" Is that why you save them for members of pcom ?
  19. First of all thanks for banning me from your right wing love fest. For ages we've heard you complain you were treated unfairly here, that it was different on a site you moderate. So I thought I would see what would happen if someone with opposing views joined.I posted this same thread and all hell broke loose. So I posted another thread about Trump's Christmas eve twitter storm.There was nothing hateful or toxic about it , the only rule I broke was being politically incorrect. It was hilarious, calls for banning me rang out, questions on how to block or ignore my post, there was name calling o
  20. The difference between pcom and the "other site" is you are allowed to post your unending complaints and snarky remarks here without censorship. I on the other hand am proud to say I managed to get kicked off the "other site" in less than 24 hours because the snowflakes couldn't handle an opposing point of view.
  21. No it's not sleigh bells, If you listen quietly you can hear the sound of another Republican economic bubble bursting. Dow plunges in worst Christmas Eve for stocks in history The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than 650 points Monday -- the worst Christmas Eve trading session in the country's history .... Stocks are negative for the year, and the Dow has fallen thousands of points from its high of nearly 27,000..... ... Last week was the index's worst in 10 years -- since the 2008 financial crisis. This month is currently on track to end as the worst December sinc
  22. So let's recap : The government has shut down Wall Street is in free fall. Trump's cabinet has either quit, been fired under investigation or on their way to prison. Our industries are caught up in trade wars. Our allies no longer trust us. North Korea is still making nuclear bombs. All this in only 2 years of a Trump presidency, if this is winning god help us if we start loosing.
  23. Friday as an impending government shutdown looms over Washington Republicans call for an emergency meeting. ... "so that lawmakers could discuss the Curd Act, a proposal to allow some cheeses to be advertised as “natural” despite having artificial ingredients." https://www.yahoo.com/news/house-republicans-called-emergency-meeting-122655881.html?.tsrc=jtc_news_index
  24. Bush screwed them in 91 now after fighting ISIS for 6 years Trump abandons them. With allies like America who needs enemies. . https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-vows-leave-syria-kurds-fear-power-grab-iran-russia-230510703.html
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