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  1. When criticizing someone for using Food Stamps it's always best to do it on a full stomach.
  2. If the manager looses his job he might get a whole new prespective of what it's like to fall on hard times. As the saying goes never judge a man until youve walked a mile in his shoes.
  3. At what age should one pull up his pants and stop showing the World his underpants ?
  4. This discussion should come down to respect for law. Last I heard speeding and reckless driving is illegal. It also comes down to a Parents responsibility to teach their children to be law abiding citizens. Most of the teenagers speeding through our neighborhood on dirt bikes and four wheeler's don't have a drivers licence and most likely no insurance. When they are given the ok by their parents to disrespect the law and other people's rights what kind of drivers will they become when they graduate to a automobile ? Their should be no surprise when these parents get that 2am phone call fro
  5. A consumption tax is a good idea if you're young and working but for those that are retired and getting by on S.S and their life savings, which by the way have already been taxed, a new 28% sales tax would be a harsh and unfair burden. This would be on top of the 7% sales tax we are now already paying so it would be asking people on a fixed income to pay a 35% tax on groceries, utilities and prescriptions. Simply saying these people are not forced to by consumer goods seems a little naive.
  6. Most retired people don't pay Federal Income tax, students usually don't pay income tax and the disabled don't pay income tax. Which one of those groups would like to start taxing ?
  7. It's kids on dirt bikes that torment our neighborhood we know where our tormentor lives and have complained but his parents have said it's none of our business. Pulling wheelies, 60 mph in a 25 zone and no muffler, sooner or later his going to kill someone. But short of starting a war with his not so stable Father we really don't know what to do. God help us when the kid gets a car.
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