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  1. 31 minutes ago, gpatt0n said:

    I don't exactly know what she is, Cain; but I don't think she fits my definition of "lady".


    She has the support of Trump.

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she had a 'great' call with Trump, claims she has his support

    "Will take a bit for most to realize it. But with this call Trump has made Greene de facto leader of the House GOP caucus. She speaks for him and he supports her. So she is untouchable. Nominal leaders like McCarthy will fall in line and take her lead because they answer to Trump."


  2. ATLANTA - The organization that licenses lawyers in Georgia has opened an inquiry into conservative attorney Lin Wood, who gained national attention since the general election for persistent, unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud.

    The State Bar of Georgia told me today they would demand a mental health exam from me if I wanted to keep my law license," Wood wrote in a post on the social media platform


  3. Did you know that last summers California wild fires were started by Jewish space based laser firing satellites or that Hillary Clinton is a serial killer ?  Did you know that Sandy Hook and the Las Vegas shootings were both Hollywood productions ? Well our congresswoman, the lady we sent to Washington to represent us knows and that's not all. .....

    Here's Every Disturbing Conspiracy Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes In


  4. 5 hours ago, Caped Crusader said:

    Wow, I'm TRULY Sorry...


    Just moments ago..... ACTUALLY


    The Voice on the other end of my talking device had a Belly GUT LAUGH

    (I have never met them... Laughter, I believe soothes the SOUL) :hi:

    They were in WASHINGTON STATE.


    just finishing work and heading home




    Citizen Cain, Peace Be with you until we cross paths again






    Yea, I don't know what any of that means.  😀

  5. 6 minutes ago, Caped Crusader said:


    We will ALWAYS need in classroom learning as long as we are HUMAN... NOT Everyone is the same.


    That is TRUTH :wub:


    So, tell me mister cain... when was the last time you CAUSED someone TRUE JOY? 











    Seriously guy, I don't  know, excluding the last time you sold a life insurance policy or posted your visit to the bank how about you ?

  6. 1 hour ago, Caped Crusader said:


    Well. IMHO... they  should offer to those TEACHERs who want to do In Class Learning

    a HOURLY Bonus of Hazard Pay :hi: :good:


    There are plenty of peeps looking for a J. OOOOOOOOO B!


    Some body has to do it  is what I'm getting at :unknw:

    You know before this pandemic people used to call home schooling a great thing. Now we are getting upset because teachers don't want to risk their lives to babysit our kids, so what's this really about our children or adults that just want someone else to take care of them  ?   

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  7. 12 minutes ago, Guard dad said:

    Sorry, but this is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever read.

    Losing money is losing money.

    Some say when Trump gave himself and his billionaire friends a huge tax break the treasury lost trillions, But I bet you 10 shares of Game Stop you would disagree.

  8. Congratulation's Marjorie Taylor Greene for your resent seat on the House Education committee. Marjorie represents Paulding's 14th District. You may know Marjorie as the woman that called for the assassination of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or the congresswomen that said the Sandy hook school massacre was a staged event put on by actors and who recently chased down a 17 year old Parkland survivor accuseing him of trying to take her 2nd amendment rights. 

    Marjorie is a supporter of Q a group that believes America is being controlled by a secret group of blood drinking pedophiles that's running an international child sex trafficking ring from the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC, headed by Hillary Clinton and George Soros.   



    Republicans assign QAnon supporter to House education committee




  9. 33 minutes ago, Guard dad said:

    How much did I mention them in this thread?

    But I will say, Biden and Pelsoi are still in their office, so their policies are fair game.  Making personal attacks on them like you and pubby do Trump is a different matter.

    "Making personal attacks on them like you and pubby do Trump is a different matter."

    Oh please don't make me post a link to your facebook page. 😄

    I don't know what personal attacks you are referring to and while Trump may be out of office the effects of his presidency will unfortunately haunt us for years to come.

    US issues terror alert over anti-government extremists

    Wed, January 27, 2021, 12:12 PM

    The US Department of Homeland Security declared a nationwide terrorism alert Wednesday, citing the potential threat from domestic anti-government extremists opposed to Joe Biden as president.

  10. Until recently I had no idea what Hank Arron went through during his career . Here was a man that knew real hate and he faced head on with grace style and dignity. I saw a commentary this week and man recalled buying a car at his dealership but had to leave it overnight for service, he could not believe it when Hank showed up, drove him home and the next morning came back picked him up and drove him back to pick up his car.

    Amid death threats, racial slurs, baseball legend Hank Aaron let his play do the talking



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  11. I remember back in 2016 Republicans came up with a few names for all the disappointed Democrats, Butt Hurt was one, but the favorite was Snowflake. It was used to describe anyone that couldn't believe Donald Trump had been elected POTUS. Fast forward 4 years and while the shoe seems to be on the other foot lets face it  Democrat's are just not as good at name calling. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Caped Crusader said:

     Mister Citizen Cain and Guard Dad, if you (or SOMEONE "U":ph34r: know) are interested in RUNNING (being in CHARGE)

    of paulding.com's (Politics page...either LOCAL and Beyond)


    please contact either Scott Turner 770-687-0291 or Maui' @ 770-833-2175





    ps.... Please think THR---- your response... WE LOVE YOU and Need YOU! 8P:wub:

    GD is definitely the man for the job. In addition to his vast knowledge of ... well everything,  we would all benefit from his "fair and balanced" approach .  Besides it would amuse me to see how long it  takes him to permanently ban me from this site.  😀😄🤣

  13. 39 minutes ago, Guard dad said:

    Really?  He's kinda changed his tune, guess he didn't have a plan after all. Most of his COVID policies so far are same as Trump's.


    I'm sure after nearly a year of the do nothing Trump response it will yake a few months to turn this around' 

     “I believe President Biden made it very clear, the plane is in a nosedive, and we gotta pull it up. And you’re not going to do that overnight,” the HHS nominee said, adding, “But we’re gonna pull it up, we have to pull it up. Failure is not an option here, and so we will.”

    It's too bad ramming a light bulb up everyone's rear didn't work.🥴




  14. 1 hour ago, Guard dad said:

    No, they haven't all been proven unfounded.  In most cases, judges just weren't willing to take the cases on. And a lot of people are asking why. The fact that the General Assembly and Raffy's office is scrambling to pass legislation to fix all sorts of problems with the election procedure speaks volumes.

    You're happy because your guy won, I get that. But a sleeping giant might have been awaken, so we'll see what the future holds.

    Now, about those cages they put kids in....wanna talk about those?

    I'm happy because we finally have an administration in charge that will address the problems in America like the Covid pandemic that has already killed close to half a million Americans. 

    Yes the detention centers were constructed during the Obama administration as a temporary holding location until these peoples request for asylum could be heard by a judge. It was Trump who used them as a cruel deterrent to illegal immigration 


    "While it is true that the Obama administration built the facilities referred to as “cages” by Trump, these were supposed to be temporary. This is different from Trump’s "zero-tolerance" policy to prosecute all adults illegally entering the United States, which led to the separation of hundreds of migrant children from their families." 


    Biden pledges task force to reunite children separated at U.S-Mexico border

    (Reuters) - Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to create a task force to reunite more than 500 children who were separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border by the Trump administration and whose parents have not been located.


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  15. 39 minutes ago, Guard dad said:

    You do realize that Obama did the same? And his administration built the cages.  Immigration was just using the same policy that was in place from the prior administration.

    But it's only outrageous when Trump does it, I guess. And he did change the policy after it became an issue.

    Back to the elections...it's pretty widely accepted that Raffy did not have the authority to use mail-in voting, the general assembly is who should have taken it up.

    Then there was the box of ballets in Fulton County that appears after everyone was sent home due to a water main burst that didn't happen.

    Loads of mail-in ballots with no addresses, or groups of them from commercial addresses.

    Gobs more, but I don't think you care.

    The frustrating part is that our elected officials and judges don't seem to care either. Kinda makes you wonder who they are really working for.

    The corruption is real, folks, and we just handed them our country on a silver platter.


    I don't care because everyone of those baseless allegations has been investigated and proven unfounded. Simply saying something does not make it true, like Covid-19 is just another flu that will magically go away.

    Some of these whoppers are are going to eventually end up costing some people some big bucks and rightfully so. 


    Dominion files $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani


    ... And just for the record Clinton did not challenge the election but did in fact concede to Trump.

  16. 4 hours ago, Caped Crusader said:

    I would like to know the method to the madness! 😂🤪🤪


    what I mean by that is this...


    The goal is to get to “10”


    then 1+9 = 10

    5+5 equals go ahead you can say it


    equals 10


    7+3 equals 10





    30-20 = 10


    my point being...


    if you’re end game is 10 who am I to question how you got there as long as you got there.


    I just hope and pray that anybody in an elected position will get to 10 without hurting people in the process!










    So I gather what you're saying is 'The Ends Justify the Mean" ? 

    Like taking children from their parents to discourage coming across our southern border or changing CDC Covid-19 reports if they embarrass the administration. Or calling elections rigged if you don't like the results ?

    A list of the times Trump has said he won't accept the election results or leave office if he loses


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