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  1. Aaah,,, maybe that's where the $25 gift certificate or the handful of coupons for Advil comes in!!!
  2. The $2500 surprises me!!! I'd believe a $25 gift certificate or a handful of coupons for Advil,,, but $2500!?!? Go back and vote 1000 times, naming each of the employees equally,,, go for the money without hurting anyone,,, see what the management thinks about that...
  3. Yup, sure is,,, the road between the Regions Bank and the Zaxby's takes you back to the back Wallmart entrance that is handy to Auto Service. That same road goes all the way to E. Paulding Dr,,, which is handier to use if you're coming from the EPHS area.
  4. Obviously, both flying monkeys didn't bother to read the article,,, typical, typical, typical!!!!!
  5. Not only all of this,,, but this news story from AP should curl your hair!!!! http://www.ktvn.com/story/33127346/more-than-800-immigrants-mistakenly-granted-citizenship (Hope the link works)
  6. As a side note to this topic, the old "Jalapeno Joe's" behind the Rite-Aid at 92 and 278 is being renovated for a new tenant rumored to be "The Happy Hog". Don't know how they will handle a Fire Pit there!
  7. So, you are saying that you would just write off that grand child,,, your own flesh and blood,,, that's what's wrong with this country,,, SMH!!!! I'm done with this nonsense.
  8. Much has been said about the baby not remembering whether or not you are there. This is very true, but the advent of camera and digital video makes the recording of the event a reality. Imagine six or seven years from now when the little one finds this recorded party and asks her mother, "where is Gammy and PawPaw?". The smarmy mother replies "Oh, they don't like you the way they love their other grand kids!". This is something you will have to learn to deal with all of their lives. Treat it like a Chess match and plan two moves ahead with an eye to being on the offence, keep her rocked bac
  9. I guess since it is for the actual seat,,, and not the primary,,, everyone in post 1 is entitled to vote on it. At least that is the way I read it. Try finding MVP, (My Voter Profile), through Paulding County, Ga. voter registration,,, it's based on your voter registration, and provides a lot of good info, including sample ballots once the qualifying is complete. They have the ballot for March 1st ready, but not for the 24th yet.
  10. Actually Davis vs Fields is a non-partisan vote and appears on all three ballots, GOP, Dingleberry and Non-Partisan,,, and since the nod will probably go to Trump on the GOP,,, it might be fun to cross over and vote for Crazy Bernie, just to lock out Hilla the Hun!!!! I think it's time for us to mess with their politics for a change,,, but just a thought.
  11. Nope,,, cc stands for cubic centimeters, and can only be used to compare the relative 'Size' of the engine, much the same way you can compare cubic inches in an auto engines without knowing exactly how much power they produce. More cc's generally means more power, but how much is a guess. What I do is to go onto the Lowes or HD website and look for the power tool I need and read all of the 'Reviews' for it. Based on that, find someone with that tool and borrow it for a trial. Good Luck!!!!
  12. Nope..... MEXICAN,,,, take out at that!!!!!
  13. You are very welcome!!!!! By the way, you never did give us an update on your knee.... or a duckie update, to wit how many grand babies does Delilah have????
  14. Turn 20 teens loose with Paint Ball Guns,,,, can't guarantee you'll like the color,, but it will get painted for cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!
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