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  1. AAAAAAnywaaay, moving right along... Have we finally beaten this subject to death? Maybe they (the BooBoo-ites) have achieved their goal, 'cause here we all are, spending time talking about her! I know I have a honeydew melon that I should be cutting up right now, and oh, yeah, the garbage needs to go out, etc., etc., etc. (Was going to say Blah, blah, blah, but don't want to step on any toes!)
  2. Ignorance, not stupidity. And you are right about how these things are portrayed. It is always the person with one tooth, living in a trailer park, with multiple cars up on blocks and upholstered furniture on the deck that gets interviewed to represent the South after the latest disaster.
  3. Pardon my ignorance. I didn't realize that there was actually some value to be derived from the pageant scene, or that the dance scene was that detrimental. But at that young of an age, how much preparation for the future is going to stick?
  4. My question is this: How much better could that money and time have been spent it teaching her a skill or developing a talent, such as gymnastics, dance, etc? Something that would actually be useful to her as she grows and later in life, if only for a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. I agree that these pageants teach a skewed view of what is "cute", and promote the idea that you must be sexy and "enhanced" to be accepted and considered attractive and worthy. I have never watched the show, just seen clips, but from the other comments here, I suspect that these children are going to come out of this with a sense of entitlement that is through the roof!!! Just wait until they hit their teens!!!!!!
  5. In summer, a Tanq & tonic, in winter, Johnny Walker Black.
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