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  1. Does anyone think they know who is the real Paulding County Shadow Government?
  2. Who will benefit when the County landfill is privatized? You probably don't need to think too long about this?
  3. The Paulding County puppet masters have their candidates running for Commissioner. Wonder what they have been promised for their votes as directed by the powers?
  4. Thanks for the info. David Barnett's campaign mailers claim that he was responsible for the offices being open now in Paulding County. Just misleading information to con the public.
  5. Rumor mill buzz is that Tony Crowe is going to announce that he is a candidate for Post 4. He ran a strong race 4 years ago. Lot of issues this year that will make this an interesting race.
  6. There has been a lot of chatter about Jerry Shearin being the County Administrator for Tony Crowe. Folks, it ain't going to happen. I know who has been offered the job and he has accepted.
  7. Trescapas----No way Jerry Shearin will be the County Admin. I know who has been offered the job. And he has accepted. Thanks for posting that. And I still shake my head at the folks that continue to support her. Must be her connections with the Republican party the reason they can't see past the character of the person. And what is it Tony Crowe says on his website.....'It's About People, Not Politics!' It's ALL about politics, dirty politics. And that includes Heath. Birds of a feather............ My vote is going to David Austin and Bill Carruth and if Melissa were in my district, she would get my vote as well. God help Paulding County if Tony Crowe is elected. Look for Shearin to be right back in the thick of things!
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