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  1. We are in a minimum as far as sunspots. No flares. You just have ATT. Worst company there is. What you are thinking about is called sunout and is caused when sun is behind satellite. Used to be a problem with the big dish and c band, but never lasted more then a few minutes.
  2. Take the hard drive out and take it apart. Two nice magnets inside. One it is opened and disassembled it is safe to do anything with as the disks inside can't even take fingerprints or dust and still be usable.
  3. voted last week all republican. Tired of the BS.
  4. Just wait till stone mt goes away! It is between a crook and a idiot so the crook get it.
  5. We made the AJC again. https://www.ajc.com/business/paulding-airport-says-lease-still-calls-for-commercialization-effort/UgffsElbOMykVK3RgcpHiI/
  6. So there isn't one it is all made up in your mind. What a idiot you are to put out unconfirmed crap. Not a newsman. O right fake news is the thing now.
  7. STILL NO copy of the "anti business resolution" BET YOU WON'T POST IT, AS THERE ISN'T ONE.
  8. STILL NO copy of the "anti business resolution" BET YOU WON'T POST IT, AS THERE ISN'T ONE.
  9. Please post a copy of the "anti business resolution" you claim they passed! Also please post the letter from Tibbitts to propeller that give them the entire airport terminal building. The letter is on facebook, but I don't believe you have the b ls to post it as it doesn't fit your method of getting the good old boys back so you get your cut. https://www.facebook.com/pg/savepauldingco/posts/?ref=page_internal
  10. Yes we need a change, we need the god boys to give it up and quit spending taxpayer money for stuff the people don't want, like a airport,a movie studio, and making jobs for their friends. PLEASE GO VOTE FOR TONY AND TODD!
  11. Thank you Tony, Todd, and Vernon. Please make sure to vote for Tony and Todd.
  12. Reason I quit the nra years ago. Nothing but request for money.
  13. A candidate for commissioner is using a fake number, and it is not a present commissioner. But then he puts out all the negative crap also. Sorry folks I have already voted against the austin clones.
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