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  1. There was a Wellstar hospital board meeting yesterday and President John Kueven explained that currently there are approximately 50 spaces marked off due to slight shifting on the support beam. He said it was not dangerous at this time, but Wellstar wanted to be proactive and make sure there was no more shifting and that all areas were inspected. The process will take at least a few weeks and in order to provide parking for patients/visitors the employees will be parking offsite and be shuttled to the hospital.
  2. Sending you love and prayers for peace, comfort, strength and patience. Miss you and love you!
  3. I am with you! That's why I have to tell my smart phone to beep and remind me!!! lol I would have loved to see you! Debates were video taped so I will let you know when I see them uploaded. Missed you to Lowrider!
  4. Prayers continue for this precious family during the loss of Holston. Losing a child changes who you are for life..... but it makes you hold on even stronger to the ONE who is always there in good times and bad. Prayers for comfort, strength, and peace. Love to you David and family.
  5. Hoping to see you all tonight at 7:00 ! Although, If you cannot make it, please feel free to email, text, or call with any questions.
  6. I want to invite all Paulding.com to come join me for the debate tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 27, 2016 from 7:00 to 9:00 at Chattahoochee Tech Paulding campus. Please come hear from candidates, get information, and GO VOTE!!! I would be honored to continue serving you on the elected school board and would appreciate your vote to do so. I give this public service position much of my personal time because our students, employees, and citizens are worth standing up for!!!
  7. Love mealsontheway.com !!!!
  8. Thank you Randall. I am a an elected school board member so I serve with Mr. Cole, the superintendent. I am far from having that much responsibility but I do appreciate your confidence in my service and the kind words
  9. It was good to see you too. I appreciate everybody that takes the time to get involved no matter the perspective. I have friends on both sides of the local issues but I am not letting that change my personal thoughts about anyone. Issues are important and everyone should have an equal opinion and be free to share it BUT I am not losing friends or family over agenda items. People and community are more important to me that fussing and fighting regardless of sides. Next time I can sit by you if you want! I will just move around the room at every meeting ! lol I have early board meeting training and work session so need to go, but have a good night! I do appreciate citizens who are willing to speak up!
  10. Thank you Peaches for posting. I have not heard a complaint until Glassdogs posted under this thread. I am very accessible and my email and cell phone are public on p.com, FB, and the school district website. This is the first complaint I have heard regarding booster club signs that support our school sports on the sports field. Who are the teachers complaining to? And what response do they receive in return? What things are being advertised that should not be? I will plan to drive by tomorrow and take a closer look at the signs. Thank you again for the post.
  11. There are booster club agreements put forth by the school district that must be followed. I am not very familiar with the county commission's policies. My heart and my calling is for the students and future citizens of Paulding. I have my hands full with trying to keep up with school board policies and I give that 100% effort. I will leave the courthouse signage question to someone with more knowledge regarding county policy. I know you and I appreciate the questions. This is a good example of how I am committed to serve the entire county regardless of location. After our district lines changed a few years ago, EPHS is not even in my residence post any more even though my daughter attends there But I respect your questions and step up to attempt to provide answers to the best of my ability.
  12. Thank you Jamie. I am so thankful that your family has worked with the school and shared your concerns. I enjoyed my visit to your child's class and the school. It touched my heart to see the precious students and the awesome educators working to serve that class and others. Working together, I truly believe that the families and the staff can make a difference in these young people's future. I look forward to keeping in touch and a future visit.
  13. Thanks for the question Glassdogs. It is not an endorsement but a recognition that the business is financially supporting the student activities through the booster club. Booster clubs have to come up with their own funding and this is a way that they can support the entities that support their students.
  14. Thank you NJ. Normally, signs represent a sponsorship of the sports booster club programs. The signs at EPHS are of businesses that donate funds to the football booster club to help the program offset their expenses. The booster club likes to recognize support and provides signage in return.
  15. I do care about all employees and students. I Thank you for the kind words, except the politician reference, lol. I consider what I do to be a public service. I want to serve my community not dictate. These days "politician" is not a positive term. I will continue to listen and represent those who contact me and give 100% effort.
  16. No, the school board has 6 posts that define our residence requirements and 1 post in which the candidate can live "at-large" anywhere in Paulding. Voters have the privilege of voting on each and every post. So during this primary, you will have 4 of the 7 post up for re-election. I will continue working hard for all the citizens of Paulding regardless of where you may reside and I ask for your vote! I attached a link to the county map with districts. Praying it works and you may see districts BUT remember those lines only affect where candidates live NOT where you live because you have a vote for each district. http://maps2.roktech.net/PauldingGM4/?mapName=Political# School board district map Click "x" to close disclaimer box Click select map "political" Click map layers Then check districts Then hit "+" to expand school board districts
  17. I see most of them at local school district events and they have been attending the local Republican events since all school board candidates qualified as Republicans. There is an PCRWC meeting this Saturday at Audry's and I have the pleasure of speaking for a few minutes. Most local candidates usually attend. Everyone is welcome so come and meet folks and ask questions. I also hope to meet new folks at the debate later in April but no details on date, time, or location yet.
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