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  1. I have a big box full of stuff, a frozen hen, green beans, stuffing, cornbread, etc. lots of can good. Give me a shout if you need it. Merry Christmas and God Bless!
  2. I will do that....thank you
  3. I stayed away from this forum because of a reply I got from a member that was very rude considering what my post was about. It made me feel like I wasn't welcome here anymore. It made me feel like I couldn't post freely about something terrible that happened in Paulding County. I still don't know if I want to post why I hate Paulding County now. Will I get attacked if I do? I think it's important for the residents here to know what happened....just in case it ever happens to them. I do know that some of the people I am upset with are members here and they are people who we should be able
  4. Waste Industries has gone straight downhill since they took over American Disposal. I am tired of them missing pickups, dropping trash then leaving it there in my driveway and so on
  5. I figured most people wouldn't want to post publicly IF they did ever have a problem with one or both. I am still working on getting records, waiting for the coroner to finish the death certificate. Apparently I need everything including the kitchen sink to prove next of kinship. No one will talk to me, I have questions. I deleted my other posts just in case it was damaging IF there is a case, I am working with several lawyers, no one wants to attach their name to something unless they know there is a case, so I am on my own with obtaining all the records. So, the coroner is Sam Clark.
  6. I have never personally had a bad experience with the new hospital. Not everyone has the luxury of insurance and sometimes the ER is the only alternative. Obamacare is a joke, I tried signing my brother up for it and the quote was $200 month for the coverage he needed Luckily his dr was awesome and would work with me if I didnt have all the money for his visit. And you're right, we live in the great ole US but come one, some people don't have to be so "shallow" about it or ASSume that ER visits are not needed.
  7. say that when you have a kid that wakes up in pain, what would you do? Oh yeah....just wait until the doctor's office or urgent care opens, lets pray its not on a Sunday. Good grief trolls like you should be banned!
  8. I second that! He will "try" and prove me wrong even when the evidence states otherwise. That little last ditch effort to save face....or whats left of it.
  9. Apparently sticking your foot in your mouth before you speak is the norm for you. Hospitals are usually understaffed and the employees are overworked. I have had a child with severe pinkeye and it warranted a middle of the night ER visit, Doctor's offices/urgent care centers are closed after a certain time and emergencies/non emergencies dont always happen during business hours.
  10. I have conveyed my concerns to both Paulding Fire AND Metro, I got NOWHERE.
  11. I hate it when life insurance companies call my house and ask for my dad, some even say "we see he is currently uninsured" yeah because he died 4 years ago.
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