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  1. make sure the stucco is cut 6 inches above the ground , if not it is impossible in georgia to treat for termites and have a termite bond on a stucco home that is in the ground. Plus its a highway for termites to get behind the stucco ( they love the stuff )
  2. We just went this past saturday , and it wasn't packed .
  3. Thats is crazy, What if someone forgets to put on deodorant that morning do you send them home too. I can see not allowing them to smoke at work but what do you do go around smelling your employees.
  4. It was 12 dollars a person to do all the activities, corn maze, hay ride, petting zoo, duck races, slide, hay maze , I think you can purchase each activity seperate if you only want to do one or two things, but we decide to stay and do all of it . And they have some awesome food there too. bbq, hamburgers, hotdogs and funnel cakes ( my favorite )
  5. What Can Be Done ? humm let's see for me to quit smoking you would need to : Bring my daughter home from the awful place Aghanistan , Bring my other daughter home from another awful place New Jersey Help me tame my 7 yr old Son who has now entered the stage of mr, bossy Tell my husband to help cook, clean wash laundry and care to my every need LOL Good luck, I smoke but I have very Courtesy of people around me
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know. We had the best time at Carlton Farms. If you are looking for somewhere fun to take your family for fall activities this is a great place for 12 dollars we got to do the corn maze which was a map of the united States and was really fun , the kids had fun trying to find all the markers, but we did after turning around a few times LOL and they got a prize at the end, The Hay ride was great too, they loved feeding the cows who come right up to the hay ride , and the slide and duck races where fun too.
  7. You have all the right in the world to brag. It makes a parent so proud . MY daughter has been in the Army for a year and is currently deployed to Afghanistan . We fly the flag and have the yellow ribbon around our tree until she comes home ( stateside ) When your a mom we get a mixture of proud feelings and sad feelings. Thank you for you,your family and your sons service .From a Proud Army Mom !
  8. North American P-51 Mustang AT 6 F4U Corsair T-6 Hope these are right !!
  9. Last year we went to Carlton Dairy Farms in Rockmart and had a great time , with the corn maze , hay ride and animals, I was just wondering if anyone has been this year and how it was . We are planning on going this Saturday . The maze was fun but hoping this year the corn is a little taller and full.
  10. wish they had that rule in T-Ball, shoot the little kids would get all kind of outs for playing in the dirt and not even trying to catch a ball when a ball is hit in the outfield or infield
  11. We were there too, Wish we still where. It was so nice weather was great, water was so clear we saw stingrays too and dolphins and even caught a blue crab ( of course we let him go after the kids named him Sheldon ) It was so calm not many waves at all. We went to pier park into polkadots and the guy behind the counter said you must be from paulding county because they are out for fall break thought that was funny . Seen alot of paulding county tags and my son saw some classmates and teachers
  12. awesome video thanks for posting. my heart goes out to all the unsung heros of 911
  13. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=117816 Maybe this will help ease your mind ! What our military accomplished on 09/11/2012
  14. We do not leave , We Support Our Troops that are there serving to protect our country. So Many have put away the flag or taken the bumper sticker off their car since 9/11 and forgotten of all the men and women still fighting these wars everyday still.
  15. awesome thing your doing ! My daughter is deployed to Afghanistan for the next year. And loves her packages we send her It what keeps them reminded that we care here at home. Thank you from an Army MOM !
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