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  1. Although Paulding County has a limited budget like many other counties in the US, there is a significant need for Tornado Sirens for the unincorporated parts of the county. Here is a strategic example of where the sirens are needed - New Georgia, Union/Yorkville, Cedarcrest, and Burnt Hickory communities.
  2. I know this is off topic, but does Arbor Place Mall still have a Cinnabun?
  3. Today, on my way back from school, I stopped by Evan's Bar-B-Que in Villa Rica . . . I had a barbecue pork sandwich which reminded me of Zaxby's - (buttery Texas Toast with pork). The pork was really tender and juicy. Memorable lunch experience!
  4. I have one more question regarding the history of fire departments in county... Where was the Burnt Hickory Volunteer Fire Station prior to Station 6 opening up? Thanks for any replies.
  5. I think I remember one of those tankers. New Hope had one of those yellow GMC C70 tankers until the county received those International Pumpers/Tankers
  6. So the City of Dallas operated their own fire department until 1996esh? Then I'm guessing the county bought the foster avenue building prior to building the current station.
  7. Trivia Question: I read on Kelly Carter's thread that he was a Dallas Volunteer Firefighter. Where was the old Dallas Fire Station? Thanks for any replies.
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