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  1. We need a vaccine for ignorance. Seems alot of people trust the Big Brother to look after them. After all they get paid millions a day from lobbyists that make the vaccines, and ohh wait can it be, if vaccines are mandated by the government would they not in turn keep getting millions? Like it or not, there is more behind these vaccines than health, lots of money to be made.

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  2. I think when people say that it is a case of talking before thinking. There is no reason to be afraid of children who aren't vaccinated. They do not carry diseases.


    Vaccinated children have the upper hand in the sense that their bodies have been exposed to the antigen so they have already created an antibody to fight it. If exposed again they may have no signs/symptoms or may suffer a minor illness. On the other hand a child who has never been exposed and does come into contact may not fight the illness off as quickly and may suffer a more moderate illness.


    Choosing to vaccinate or not should not be this much of a deal. There is so much more that goes into this than most people acknowledge. First and foremost everything is dependent on your own immune system, chemical makeup, genes, and the overall health of your body at any given time when it comes into contact with an antigen. This debate is getting old :lol:





    And that people is pretty much the bottom line. Well put and Bravo. Owe you a scotch.

  3. That is the only reason I care about obamacare. I smoke(stupid me)and through the years in as much trouble I have got into I still think that starting smoking is the dumbest thing I have ever done. So I hope that I can get some anti smoking help, tried chatix and after 2 weeks the doc said I needed to stop medication and try something else. Heard hypnosis is %70 effective anyways, but my insurance will not cover any costs for it.

  4. People have adverse reactions to all kinds of things.


    Sorry you must not read all the posts before putting your own up. THe DPT shots caused severe brain damage, Kesller AFB neurologists and Tyndale AFB pediatric neurologists thought at first cerebral palsey, realized that the booster shots had caused this and further advised that I no longer receive these and I might be permantly disabled. Needless to say I still have minor trouble in speech but have recovered over the last 32 years of my life. So adverse reactions if you look at them are not side effects. Usually denotes alot worse than a side effect and can lead to permanent impairment.

  5. I for one have only a single problem with vaccinations, evein though I am all for those that want it, DPT vacc. nearly killed me, so I chose not to let my son face the potential adverse reactions. If you people who are afraid of my son coming in contact with your child, please let me know if whooping cough has hit as close to home as the adverse reactions to vaccines did me.

  6. I REPEAT, your non-vaccinated children are a threat to any child who is not old enough to be vaccinated. And again, you can do what you want with your children and I don't care, but when it affects my childs health I have the right to know that your child hasn't been vaccinated so I can make the best choice IN MY OPINION for my child.

    Ok, keep them away from any child period. you fear that your child is in unknowing danger without consent by you. Do some research. If the entire population was not vaccinated your child would still be at a greater risk of death from sids. And I have often thought that sids and the vaccs. go hand in hand

  7. Had they done the ultrasound they would have known she was a high risk pregnancy. Because I didn't have any ultrasounds after the 20th week (where her growth measured normal) they were unaware of the rate of her growth. She could have been delivered early and avoided some of the health problems she faced in the first few weeks. Instead they went in blind to the delivery and didn't know that what was estimated to be another 8 to 9 lb baby had actually grown to be close to 12 lbs.


    Sounds like the docs were once agian relying on govt. statistics and they failed you. Well maybe you should have demanded more be done, or change the OB. Oh do you still go to the same OB? If you do in lies the problems. Acceptance. People have a perpensity to allow someone else to make decisions for them. Stop thinking that one doctor is always the best. Get more than one opinion, get more than two.

    And yes you would think that we had every fatl disease know to mankind when people know that we are not vaccinated. But I do not hide it and if my son were ever to be treated with discrimination because of it well all I can do is cough in their direction and watch them run.

  8. I got an email notification that I had reached my data plan limit. I am on AT&Ts 200 mb plan and the only time I have even come close to reaching my limit was when I was out of town for a week and was checking email, FBing and Pcoming and got the notification that I was at 65% of my plan. So I checked my usage online and the day before my warning email, it shows that I used 268610kb. If I use the internet on my phone it is usually at home on wireless. The main reason I use it if I'm not home is for directions, maps etc. so what in the name of all that's holy would use that much kbs in one sitting? the AT&T guy was obviously no help other than doing an adjustment at the end of my billing cycle.


    Stepdaught had gotten a message last month saying the same thing but verizon had screwed up and somehow a glitch caused that, they corrected the issue same day. Thanks Verizon.

  9. Again, there are things that an infant is too young to be vaccinated against. That is why they want family members to be vaccinated against whooping cough to protect the child.


    And now you're going on to ultrasounds. I venture to guess with my 21 month old I probably had in the neighborhood of 20 plus ultrasounds with her through the course of my pregnancy. She had a noticed EFI on her ultrasound and that combined with my GD and High blood pressure I was considered high risk and was constantly monitored. I delivered a healthy 8lb 8oz child with no heart defect, she has been vaccinated and shows no signs of autism. HOWEVER with my 4 month old I was not put into the high risk category so they performed only one ultrasound and I had one other private one early on to determine gender. Although I complained of discomfort late in my pregnancy, and had excessive weight gain they did not bother to do any more ultrasounds. I then delivered an 11 lb 11 oz baby who had to be put in the NICU due to low blood sugar and breathing difficulties. She also has a murmur that first was diagnosed as an open chamber in her heart that was from her umbilical cord that should have closed at birth but didn't.


    Long story short, my point with saying this is, had I been given an ultrasound with the second child they would have known that she was abnormally large because she had a massive umbilical cord, and there was excessive fluid. But they didn't take my concerns seriously, and put her health at risk by requiring me to carry her to 39 weeks. So I am a fan of ultrasounds. They could have meant a whole lot less struggles for my daughter. And the randomness that determines whether or not you receive them is asinine.




    My 21 month year old is vaccinated, and has been exposed to many different environments, and she is not a sickly child. She has a very healthy immune system.

    Not to be harsh but ultrasound or not it does not sound like it could have made much difference in the pregnancy, if you had know that it might be unhealthy through the ultrasound, what then? aboortzion because it could be defective. Maybe I misunderstood your reasoning for backing an ultrasound.




    Look Your kids are vaccinated or will be, but it is like I said, I am for them but have strong reservations, and my choice was made and my son will never receive the pertussis vaccine nor will I, and if people like you do not like it because your child is in "danger" well I apologize. I guess we are a minority and might have to pull that card out of our pockets and join the LGBT parade to win the day.

  10. I don't care what people do with their kids vaccinations as long as it doesn't effect my childs health. When you don't vaccinate your kids you are putting my child at risk. So I would just like to be warned when I am approaching one of these non vaccinated children.

    Warning, if you come near me or my son we are not vaccinated against whooping cough. There you have it.

  11. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt that some infants are brain damaged from vaccines.

    That is not a theory, they don't know why some are and some aren't.

    As far as autism it has not been proven that vaccines cause it.

    The rates tell you that every infant is exposed to what causes it, yet they don't know what that exposure is.

    My theory is that the excessive use of ultra sound effects the nervous system of some fetuses leaving them vulnerable to to chemicals or the side effects of some vaccines.

    There is no doubt that autism is environmental.

    They absolutely refuse to run any studies on unvaccinated kids or infants not exposed to ultrasound. In fact I doubt an OB would accept a patient that refused ultrasound and might report them and have them arrested and given one.

    They could probably improve vaccines by studying the nervous systems and natural immunity in unvaccinated children. They don't have to because there is no real accountability. The government basis there approval on the research of those that produce the vaccines. We don't have independent research by the government on the safety of drugs, they simply submit their research with a check to get a drug approved.

    Some doctors are starting to question the safety of ultrasound.


    It's all about the herd. It makes you feel really weird to read the research and the references to human beings referred to as the herd.




    You must not believe that the vaccine really helps your child to be immune to the disease you vaccinated against.

    Thank you for your comment. I did not know about usltrasound, so I have some research to do. And am in complete agreement with you about brain damage. A fever of 106+


    on two seperate occasions is what destroyed the speech center of my brain. And after 2 years of speech therapy and sign language classes I was finally able to communicate agian. Still have all the medical records and for those of you who want to know true stories read A

    Shot In The Dark.




    Any ways thanks for that enlighting post.

  12. My 4 month old that is not old enough to be vaccinated for certain things can not exist in a bubble.


    You are right. Pretty sure the fatality rate for children under 12 months is greater for car accidents. Hope you do not carry him in a car anywhere. JK.


    I can fully understand your concern. Everytime my son coughed for the first 2 years I hit my knees praying. I just felt the inherited risk was much greater if he were to be vaccinated. Oh and my pediatrician agreed that it might be safer not to let him redeive the pertussis vaccine. Now the problem actually stems from down south, somewhere below texas. i do not believe that they receive vaccines such as ours. Funny nobody has made that connection.

  13. Vaccinations do not cause Autism, that was proven to be bunk that was made up by scientists and then pushed further by uneducated people.


    For those of you that don't vaccinate your kids could you please put a sign on them so I don't bring my kids around them?


    Can not say it causes autism, but can say there is a slight risk that they will cause severe brain injuries. I know this to be a fact I am a survivor of the govts. vaccinations gone wrong. Thank you to the wonderful Air Force Dr.'s at Tyndale AFB. I have to say that if vaccines did not pose a high risk, why change the pertussis to a different kind-that is the one which kills-and the government refuses to acknowledge its danger, but yet pays millions of dollars to victims. Things that make you go hmm. Anyways

    I know vaccines are somewhat necessary but after my ordeal it is a very hard pill to swallow.







    No my son did not receive the P got the D and T, and all others but kind of afraid to lose him to a vaccine. If any of you all are afraid that he might infect you or anyone else, than make sure you have your child vaccinated and we have no problem, K.

  14. This is an interesting topic because there has been topic after topic about how these people need to be stopped and now that a move has been made to do so, people have mixed feelings about it. :wacko: It makes me wonder if anyone but Obama had attempted to do something if the sentiment would be the same.



    "The law counters a 2011 Supreme Court ruling, which found that displays such as Westboro's were protected under the First Amendment. "




    Not the first time that Obama has countered this court. People I do not agree with the WBC but I certainly disagree more with his neew law. And could care les that our president is Black, he is as worthless as the POTUS as J. Carter was. That man abuses his pen and we the nation suffer. When he wins this next election, I bet he tries to do away with term limits in his office. Why would anyone back this law, he did it for votes, because he just pissed on the troops he must regain confidence.

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  15. Some of you folks have heard me talk about him and his defiance issues. One of "our" big problems is with printers. He LOVES to copy Star Wars stuff to color and play with. While I woud encourage his creativity we do have to balance that against the shear cost of doing this and the problems it creates. There have been multiple times where he has run a BRAND NEW cartridge out overnight. I buy a new one and go to work only to find it depleted when I get home. At $60 a set that adds up for just a bunch of "dolls". That is what he is basically doing, making figures to play with by copying them out of his books. That leads to cut paper everywhere, no printer paper and no ink when I need it. So we have ordered him to put a stop to this activity. He has continued to do it and gone through all levels of punishment. We have removed the printer's paper only to have him take some from school (yes it is stealing and was addressed) or find it here. we have removed the cables only to have him destroy the house looking for and finding them. We have removed the printer to multiple locations only to have him find it. We have locked it up. that has worked but he now knows how to defeat locks with a card. Well anyway, it has been fairly quite in this regard as of late and I thought we had finally worked through this. well yesterday I find out that was not the case. I had bought yet another set of cartridges and it appeared that he had not gotten into them. Well my wife needed the printer and I pulled it out of the last hiding place. When I brought it out he says it is out of ink. WHAT?!? Sure enough, he had used it all up again and hid the evidence to where we did not know. He had got it out and did the "damage" in the basement bathroom while we thought he was down there playing. So yet again, we need to print something and I first have to go buy new cartridges before we can start. Talk about blowing a gasket!! So I go get it and we do what has to be done. Now I have to figure out what to do about him. As you can see he just will not listen. He has experience all levels of punishment for this already especially since it is a recurring infraction. I just can not see beating him any harder than I already have and on multiple occasions. And yes this is even a primary issue when he goes to counseling for his behavior issues and his new school staff has already been made aware of the "no more printing" rules. His birthday is Sunday. I decided that since he has cost me yet another $60 for doing something that he is well aware is wrong and he will be punished for I will get creative. I have spent hundreds of dollars on ink cartridges over the last year or so. I told him that since he has again cost me money I do not have and should not have to spend, I wil just return his birthday present that I had already purchased. It seems fair to me. He immediately went balistic and pronounced me the "worst dad ever!!". Ahaa!! does that mean I finally got your attention on this? Now I fully intend to hold true to my word. No party, no gifts from us. My wife says it is wrong but I don't see it.


    What do you guys think?


    And CRB... before you try to butt in... Notice again, he has already been severly punished with a 2" leather belt on multiple occasions for this AND related actions so "beating him harder" just really is not an option. If that is all you got, then just stay out of this.:glare:

    Blame it on NASA and the technology that has evolved because of it. No moonshots no home pc and printers needing ink.

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  16. It was not government that managed the first successful flight at Kitty Hawk, it was the Wright Brothers. How is it that they think they should fund space exploration now instead of leaving it to freedom?


    I cannot use force against someone else except in self defense, and I cannot authorize government to act on my behalf to do something I do not have a right to do. I can't force my neighbor to contribute to charities or to projects I might like, such as space exploration and government acting on my behalf can't legitimately do it either.


    Of course there is no stopping government taking our wealth to spend as they determine no matter what the consequence. Those in power have become our masters, not our leaders.


    But do not fear. The federal government has pushed its own self destruct button, and it is unlikely they will survive the next two decades.



  17. Ok great, never said NASA did not have it's place in time, much like pay phones, 8track tapes, polaroid cameras and so many of the other things in life that evidently James T. Kirk has delivered us from. And the U.S.-Mexico border has received on average the same amount of money-roughly 9 billion- annually over the last ten years as NASA has received. Do we not see something a bit wrong. I guess when aliens are found we can let them inhabit this country too.

  18. Holy friggin sheez. The 1.5 billion was not enough it had to go up to 2.5 billion. This is just me, I love space think it is cool, but if my wife knew I just pissed away a bit of money for a cool little R/C car, and not tried feeding her or the kids first my ass would be out the house. I am appalled at our Gubment for allowing this to happen. NASA can give me 2.5 billion and I will tell them their answer, NO, life on mars does not, did not, and nor will it ever exist. WTF.




    :angry: I say off with their heads and we can put those on a stick and place them into the red planet. Let that useless orbiter snap pics of that for our next politicians that want to back idiocy :angry:







    Just want ed to add that since we ain't got no corn can't afford food for the chickens, my beloved CFA is going to go out of business, hope that stupid rover finds some corn crops, and maybe we can tell the supposed martians to stop destroying the darn things wih their ufo donuts. They are not parking lots

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  19. I'm sick of all the junk mail and phone call from Heath and Carruth both. Each on says the other is lying, etc etc. I voted for Rogers just because he hasn't irked me like Heath and Carruth.



    Also, I don't want to pay one cent more in taxes. Those vultures already have enough of my money!

    Thank you for your blunt hhonesty wish you were on the ballot

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