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  1. Creekside in taylorsville, just above rockmart. Twenty dollars and you can shoot till your barrel melts or your bank account is in the red. R the 50 and 100 are separate than the close range. Better for no wait to change or check targets. They have a five hundred for members. Also a two hundred. Better outdoor range than any wma including Charlie Elliott.

  2. Alright, first a few basic facts from a former Georgia inmate. Wayne garner as doc commissioner removed 99 percent of athletic equipment from prisons. He changed correctional facilities back to state prisons. He also removed all educational classes except ged. Inmates are required to obtain a ged if not a high school graduate. Yes there are tv's, with limited channels. Of course they are only on at certain times of the day. I am against the death penaltybecause I shall not kill. Of course mess with my family you could pay the ultimate price at my hands and I will face judgement for all I have done. Also realize that the rich or the well connected usually see the free world much much sooner than a middle or lower class citizen. Money that is what the courts want. Guarantee if someone more prestigious had committed my crime in the exact same manner they would have received probation instead of serving 11 years. But with that being said yes prisons are too lax and should be more rigid and strenuous with their "debt paying." It was a very boring decade and only by motivating myself did I come out a better person.

  3. This will cost me but the hell with it. All of you venomous jerks that act so righteous can get off Patti s back and go TRUCK yourselves. You constantly ridicule and demean people. You know nothing of this lady, or her desire to stop anything. And I have served this country and take no offense to her actions. You all should be ashamed of yourself and stop hiding behind a relatives service to this country like you sacrificed a damn thing. A bunch of pocket holding sissies who think that an in law or cousins sacrifice will justify your touting God and Country. Go to hell with the bunch of.

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  4. Well all of you whom think that he was in the wrong probably have used electricity in an illicit manner yourself. But woe to the electric car owners for doing it.


    Personally think that his taxes pay for the operation of his school district. Nobody is crying about the wasted money for the school systems, only about a man charging a battery.


    Doesn't seem centsible to me.

  5. Ok people, city of Atlanta has their own plans. 10,000 acres of it actually. Paulding forest which as we all know is adjacent to that meager parcel of land the airport is on. I believe Atlanta is looking toward the future development of their property. By the way, after the clear cutting and sale of timber, was it replanted? Haven't seen fifth rows cut in. Think maybe in the next five years we'll see that land being developed.

  6. I live close to the current airport and knew it existed when I bought my home. I also knew that there was a big sign that says dnr paulding forest. Foolish me for thinking that someone cares about the little undeveloped parts of metro Atlanta. Hope that the airport authority realizes that on a regular basis hunters inhabit the surrounding woods and probably would not appreciate a jet reversing engines when they have a trophy buck in their crosshairs. That Hunter might mistake the plane for a prehistoric bird and throw lead at it for spooking his game.



    I wanted the damn toll road not a bunch of commercial flights and industrial parks to contend with.

    And for all of you wanting this thing, sale you my house and you and all of the crooks in politics can build whatever you want. Heck make paulding a nuclear waste dumping ground for all I care, but as long as I live here, don't expect to be able to push the little people around. You might not need a vote on it, but you need a vote to stay in office and you're already less one.

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  7. He hit at least 2 bikers. Will he face charges for that?



    I would hope not. Should have hit about 28 more. Personally feel that motorcyclists which engage in terroristic behavior or car drivers whom do so when operating their vehicles should never get the ability to drive again. You commit a felony and lose certain " unalienable rights" then a comparable punishment should be in place, goes for all those DUI drivers also.

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  8. Too much fighting and arguing over nothing. The man is dead, and now only a spark is needed for the inferno to begin. Unfortunately their are a lot of Neanderthals banging rocks together trying to get the spark they desire. And if someone was beating on me for following them, I'd make sure they died of lead poisoning too. The boy did not fear for his life. He thought he was invincible and acted as such in his life style. If a woman were to dress and walk and talk like a prostitute, the majority of people would think of her as such. Remember if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it is a_____. I'll let you fill in the blank, but please don't profile the water fowl.

  9. Yeah, near a military installation is fine over my backyard is intrusive, and unnecessary. Guess that stupid money pit of an airport is good for something. Also answers those questions I've had about the frequent Blackhawks flying around.

  10. Candy bars in general have decreased in size. All about a half ounce less. Everything does seem to be getting smaller. Noticed the usual suspects years ago, ice cream and pizzas, along with most other items on the shelves. But hey the economy has recovered, so it must be a conspiracy from the top executives to make more money. Oh yeah even though the recession is over still can't figure out why I wonder when I will get paid twice on the same day.

  11. What squirrel hunting when I was four with mom and dad. My older brother and me got our first bb gun a few years later. After he embedded a copperhead bb in my hand the gun was gone forever, fit perfect around pine trees. That let me know that guns were not toys regardless of what type they are. Just about every birthday and Christmas to follow a new rifle or shotgun was entrusted to me. Then after a mishap with the law as an eighteen year old,I received a felony and the pawn shops got a small arsenal. Now I am back to a pellet rifle.

  12. Just my opinion but most cops are pricks because they chose the only career in which the lack of a good education placed them in an authoritative position and they probably hate the fact that a major bust or gunfight not withstanding they will probably never be more than a patrolman or a senior jail officer. We all have to deal with the same people a cop has to. And for the people misreading this I like cops they have their place and are no more special of a person than a Wal-Mart greeter or the person who puts air in your tires.

  13. I have a Foreman whom is a very close friend of mine, and he owns upwards of 35 firearms from .22 rifles to .44 mag revolvers and just about every caliber rifle and shotgun there is. When his father dies he is to inherit twice that many firearms. Not one was bought for personal protection but everyone of them can be used for it. Another friend of mine has several "assault rifles" not purchased for protection but rather to kill those pesky little pieces of paper with circles and numbers on them which stare at you with that orange cyclops eye of theirs. You see just because someone owns multiple firearms does not mean they are for protection or fear of anything but rather because they just might actually like the weight, feel, and possibly even the look of it. We should not focus on the fact that a single mother had several weapons that could be used for defense but the fact that somewhere along the way of a young mans life an inexplicable tradgy happened and has now resulted in the murder of several innocent children and adults.Let us not think that the lack of guns in this world would have prevented this because 11 years ago many more lives were lost without a shot being fired when two skyscrapers collapsed. As sad as these tradgedies are thinking that evil will be diminished by making it harder to do something is insanity. Bring the love of Christ and his beliefs and teachings back into society and then we can start to see evil be pushed back into the shadows where it belongs.

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  14. Or have a few drinks and a gun, and then have some bitch start stuff. Yep. A couple of shots and a gun in her purse and there may be lead flying.


    Lesson: alcohol is just as deadly in combination with driving as it is with owning a gun.





    NO statistics say otherwise do your homework. Twice as many dui homicides a year than gun related.That is just death tolls not injuries. No doubt injuries are probably 3 to 1.

  15. What pisses me off is so many people cry "gun control" and then they have a few drinks and jump behind the wheel of a car and put hundreds of innocent lives at risk. I have never understood how it is okay to be drunk and drive and risk so many lives and only get a slap on the wrist but if I want to own a weapon than I have to basically have the BATF investigate my rectum. SOmeone could hi jack a gas tanker truck drive it into those bulk oxygen storage containers at a hospital and cause way more carnage than a person with a machine gun. It is not the availability of guns it is the lack of fear of the victim being armed.

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  16. We purchased a foreclosed home that sat vacant for 2 years, it had a lot of mold in the basement. We called out aquagaurd that quoted us $22,000 to completely waterproof the basement. My husband tore out the sheet rock, wiped everything down with clorox, and we purchased a dehumidifier. All is well and there is no more mold!



    Holy crap, probably could have had an entire basement replaced for that.

  17. Chances are that the mold/mildew is from the lack of air circulation that would normally happen in a lived in house. No ac/furnace going to move air around and help with humidity. Should not be a persistent problem but definetly treat it now before it gets to be a serious issue. . The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends seeking professional help when mold affects an area larger than 10 square feet. If you do it yourself make sure you use a premium fungicide and please wear proper clothing

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