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  1. I am shocked...SHOCKED!...that police would look at you differently than someone else that hasn't struck a deputy with a hammer. Shocked.



    20 years ago, and guess what I have several officers as friends, we drink beer at eachothers houses, we watch each others kids, and yet they don't hold a mistake against me. Funny thing isn't it. Of course I could always mention their name to one off their fellow officers when ever most would have, just to give them that extra nudge of encouragement to make things go the way I wanted, but I didn't and wouldn't, better to see the reality of life than to make things a brighter shade of pale.
  2. Your attitude when the police officer gets to the scene is probably why things didn't go your way. I don't know I wasn't there. To me it seems like all the police nationwide know who you are and their main goal is to pick on poor you. Boo Hoo. Do right, treat police with respect and things go a lot better. Just saying.

    Actually I am probably the most respectful individual the police can encounter. Probabaly why as a teen when I struck a deputy with a hammer, I was able to stay alive. The other two hundred county deputies and local police wanted to kill me but my ability to show respect must be uncanny because the only punishment I received was what the honorable duffey imposed. So my problems with the police didn't start until they make presumptions about someone based on what a crime which occurred twenty years ago tells them. So I know they profile and jump to conclusions based on what they believe, heard them say it. Also when they call my family a liar then their is a lot more truth to these stories about quick draw I'm the law bang bang you're dead cops then you close minded people believe.

  3. Excuuuuuse me! They were criminals.

    Yeah, so were the Jews, the Cambodians under pol pot, the Chinese under Mao, the Russians under Stalin, let us not forget all of the signers of the declaration of independence, and the list goes on.

  4. Let me clarify, I do not hate cops. I hate crooks. Yes I was incarcerated, for 10 years 10 months 2 days 8 hours and 11 minutes. I got along quite well with the CO's, the Wardens, and the staff. I also got along quite well with other inmates. I get along well with whom I choose to. I choose not to hang out with criminals. I do not support or render aid to criminals. I have dialed the GSP to report dui's, SO's office the same thing. I have also called to report the respective departments officers wrong doings. I have followed up with both and drivers were charged for being drunk, but guess what, nothing in the officers file about complaints against them for reckless driving.


    To answer many questions.

    Found the stories online by searching for kids killed by cops. I did not post any pics where there was a hint of question about the death. You all seem to avoid the death of Samuel Weaver. His family lived on ruby ridge. Also was recently involved in an automobile accident. The driver fled the scene and subsequently wrecked her vehicle 2 more times. Guess what she was charged with. Go on take a stab at it. If you guessed leaving the scene of an accident(s) than you are wrong. Following to close that was all. She was even able to let her friend take the vehicle to their house. I was attacked by a neighbor and figured that I would do what was "right" called the police, guess what the deputies said? "Sorry sir you have no visible signs, though you have another neighbor as a witness, we don't need to talk to him, I am advising the both of you to stay off eachothers property." Lets us not forget the time my wifes car was kicked because we turned around in someones driveway, I was told that since I scared the aggressor after he caused property damage that I can choose to press charges but that I will also go to jail for assault. There was also the time the 3 kids and wife were rear ended and the guy came rushing up to my window, and for a moment thought of driving off for fear that my family would be attacked. Guess what the deputy told me? "I would have been charged with leaving the scene of the accident" So maybe once a crook always a crook, no matter how many times you do right. But guess what I believe in truth, justice and the ultimate goodness of people.


    For all those that scoff at me and think that I hate cops, I hate the superior attitude of cops. I do not discriminate when it comes to who I think should be held accountable to the law. I hope that every time you need a cop they render assistance and are not biased against you. As for me I have resolved to accept the fact that I do not rate high enough on their scale to matter. But I will persevere.


    May all you that believe the police are so righteous be the first to step onto the cattle cars. As for me I will resist, I will fight injustice, and I will survive. Maybe before I leave this world I get to see a change in the judicial system where the untouchables get theirs, and the oppressed get to render their own justice.

  5. Loved the science fair projects as a kid, lots off research in the library, and the worry that my bibliographies were done correctly. Of course it made me feel better when those stupid volcanoes lost and real science won. But I guess some just wanted to get it done so that they could go back to their unlearned life.

  6. Thought I'd make a post on here, not wanting to hijack.


    The thing is we know that cops are not all evil, many do good, but the problem is the bad ones are protected by the good ones and in that sense they make themselves just as culpable. Ignoring problems will not make it disappear. Accepting an inherent truth is the first step to figuring or how to handle it.

  7. Yeah, maybe you should find out the story behind the kids in those pics, and then see what happened or more like didn't happen to the police. Oh and also don't believe for a second that you are safe from the long arm of the law, once they suspect you of doing wrong, either you don't get the help you need or they trump up lies to tell the judge. And yeah most of the time the DA is right there beside them. And it does not matter the truth, only what they believe in their head. They do not need proof because without a lawyer and I mean one that costs some serious money, the best you can hope for is a dead docket. Oh and if you want go ahead and take the plea even though you are innocent. Maybe it is a good thing the cops chose to draw their weapons fast. That way they spare the poor soul whom they abuse the lifelong struggle that will befall them.

  8. How about you find the links like I did, a little leg work for you people since none off you recognize them. In my search I already knew the back story to a couple of the children. Oh these aren't the only ones either, just a half dozen ones that I wanted to use to help everyone understand that cops kill kids too, unarmed at that.


    Yeah and the first pic the child was shot on purpose, just because.


    As far as siding with public enemy, can't say I do, I side with unbiased justice. You break the law you pay the price, no matter what oath or what you do for a living. The police are not held to a higher standard but to a lower, they can get away with a hell of a lot before someone slaps them on their wrist.


    I know cops do good, but I also know they do wrong, being able to break any law no matter the triviality of it, is not a perk of being a cop. Your discounted hair cuts, or your free coffee, or your free tax payer funded taxi, or the awe a child gives you, or the fact that you can do your job and know that the ones you arrest our kill are truly guilty of what they are accused not just what you think. Those are perks.


    People when you all realize that cops take advantage of their position of power and fear not the justice system, then maybe they will stop thinking that they can do what they want when they want. You all think their job is so hard, well guess what they choose their profession, were not forced, were not persuaded to become, nor were drafted into being the police.

  9. Thought I'd put some pics of thugs the police wanted of the street for good.


    Of course I'm being facetious, these are all kids expecting to play with their friends and looking forward to seeing Santa's presents under the tree come winter. All innocent.



    So if the death of six innocents by the police doesn't do anything to incite a little WTF in your head than know that not one of the child's killers were given prison time. In the name of justice is what the determination was found to be. seems like a lot of protection is of the thin blue line street gangsters.

  10. Oh kill off inmates on a van, great set of mind, almost like the thought process of at least a couple of those on the van.


    You see people want their cake and be able to dish it out but don't think that they should have to eat it.


    Been kind of screwed up if one had wrecked the van and killed a bunch of undercovers going to a prison to help an investigation against a ruthless killer. Maybe people don't think about the big picture and the chance that not everyone is a murdering rapist.

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  11. You want to know why there is so much crime in the inner cities, I will tell you, because crime is everywhere, not just the inner cities. People refuse to acknowledge until it's too late, and then they are more afraid of the criminals around them than the criminals are of getting caught. Maybe if people would take a stand for themselves and not think that a government institution is responsible for every damn ones safety criminals would be a little less of the population. Crime people is bit one thing, opportunity. So the next time a crook, badged or not is caught, remember somewhere or somehow the opportunity arose and was taken advantage of.


    And I do not expect a sworn officer to get a slap on the wrist for breaking any law. They should receive the maximum sentence allowed by the law that they swore to protect.


    And as for all these lead footed, distracted, police officers behind the wheel, just know that I report you to your superiors every time I see you do it. If I could ticket you I would do it. It appalls me when I see blatant disregard for laws by the police, no matter how insignificant it might be.


    Maybe you with the badge should fly right so you don't have to see your brothers misgivings posted on this forum.

  12. So the police enforce this so called "law". In the 1930's the brown shirts, the SA, the SS, and the gestapo also enforced law on their terms. Not necessarily comparing our law enforcement to Hitlers Regime; simply making a comparison of authoritative attitudes. I will not accuse all cops as bad ones but in the same sense not every piece of coal turns into a diamond.

  13. Alright thirty year veteran, how many times were you given a break for being a cop. Yeah I've worked a couple of accidents with fatalities until emergency services arrived.So to me a hero is not someone doing their job it is one that goes beyond their job to do good.


    And yeah needed the police one time and they did nothing. Reported the officers lack of duty to respond properly and nothing ever happened.nothing.

  14. Nobody specifically said "gods", but I was taught that actions speak louder than words. Oh some cops are bad you say, well probably more cops commit felonies on a daily basis than those of us without a badge, percentage wise. And which of you can initiate a traffic stop against an leo. How about calling the police when you see another officer breaking the law. They on average believe that they should be allowed to do what they want, let me speed by a police officer, or blatantly commit moving violations in front of and I guarantee I'm getting a ticket 90 percent of the time.

  15. All right I don't always agree with his politics, actually very seldom, but those of you who hate his posts on the Jackbooted police and their brutal attacks on the innocent are completely ignorant of reality. We have soldiers who can't engage enemy combatants, we have terrorists that have served less time in prison than me, and all I hear from you people is you're dislike of someone that hasn't lost touch with reality.


    I sale you Postman, thank you, and don't give up the good fight because some people like to believe that police and public servants are gods, and do nothing but good.

  16. Here's my outage. Let a pig do that to my loved one and I will stoop beneath his/her level and let him watch his family bleed out also. The police need to be held accountable for murder the same as if anyone else. Watching those murderous sobs really ticked me off. Losing their job is not enough put them on death row. If they break the law let them suffer the same consequences I must.

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