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  1. He must have gotten better servive at the customer service desk than I usually do. ROFL
  2. Not all of you that knew her, knew her by name, but if you ever ate a Grand's biscuit you probably saw her. She was always smiling. She loved to feed people, and laugh. She will be forever missed.
  3. They rented the house within a mile of the Bartow County Sheriff's office, but it was in City of Cartersville jurisdiction. They had no area to park in the subdivision. The poor neighbors were VERY tolerant, but the aroma was overwhelming the entire area, It was on the main road that both City of Cartersville and Bartow County officers use constantly. Stupidity is not a crime, but sometimes it should be. ROFL
  4. I never really met her, but enjoyed her on this sight. I wish my condolences and hope everyone will rally around her. I wish her well. The holidays will be hard for her for a long time.
  5. How about far less driving? Get a Groupon pass for Pettit Creek Farms Christmas lights hayride. Go up that evening and enjoy that, stay in one the many nice hotels in Cartersville and spend the next day at Tellus Museum, and or the Booth Western Art Museum. There are a lot of local things people seem to overlook. Look closer. Hope you have a great time no matter where you go. Time spent with family, is time well spent.
  6. For any of you that don't care for the big scary, expensive tours, there is a neat Halloween Store across from Home Depot in Cartersville that has same exceptional displays. It is worth seeing..
  7. Our place in Mexico Beach is just fine. Thank goodness.
  8. I am sorry, but Paulding has not been able to determine what "decent business" is, for as long as I can remember. hey have been offered a multitude of opportunities, and there was one excuse after another. A race track brings too much traffic. An airport brings pollution, and unsavory persons. An entertainment location similar to Mountasia is not the sort of image we want to portray. Paulding does not have great interstate access, or a lot of infrastructure going for it. That makes it limited on what businesses are going to thrive here. More and more stores and shopping centers cannot, b
  9. ROFL!! No he didn't LOVE his goats. He watched his pit bulls rip them to shreds, just as he did with hundreds of animals. Bad thing about this last fellow, is with all the horrible things Jimmy did, I don't know if I would have even bothered to call the police on him for that. NOW that's bad. I know, but I would have a hard time believing I even saw that.
  10. America elected a Muslim of questionable American citizenship . Why would we give 2 flips if the 1st lady is legal or not? Oh, because they are not Democrats? We are all doomed any way. From 315 million people, we have these 2 to choose from. I'm writing in Monica, at least she got the job done.
  11. Going back to the twin girls, if the Dad had "accidentally" left them in the car, doesn't he seem he would have a least shed a tear? When they showed him being arrested he seemed more interested in just hiding his face from the camera, than the deaths of the babies. May they rest in peace, as from the looks of it, they sure didn't live in it. As for the teens, I doubt the whole truth will ever be known, but I sure hope it helps parents & teens everywhere be more cautious, and safe. Such a tragic loss of precious youngsters.
  12. I hope it's a traffic circle. We need some excitement out there.
  13. note to self: never buy a freezer that is duct tapped shut ~~~~~~~~~~shudder~~~~~~~~
  14. I did, but he is having so many health problems he is not even able to look at what they did, and did not do. He made the final decision based on what his workers told him. I know he would like to think it was not as bad as I told him, but it was. I know Jason has a lot on his plate, and is trying to do a lot of good things, but this was so very wrong. He had done such good work, it makes me wonder what happened. His son did not get any of Jason's work ethic. I have pictures of most of it, so I will always have my proof, if it is ever questioned. I hate to see the new generation destroy w
  15. Well, final answer is they do not care. They will not refund any of the payment to cover all the damage. They did not trim all that they were supposed to, and have said the last mumbled words I have to hear from them. Now I will say Extreme Tree Worx is no longer a company I will ever use, or recommend again. Jason Crowe is letting his son & a group of thugs to do his work, and they are not a company you want to know where you live. I feel the safest thing to do, is let them be. I do not want any more contact with them & sure don't want them back around my home or neighbors.
  16. I was not the one that hired them this time. I should have sent them packing for blocking my driveway and garages all weekend and until Tuesday evening. I did contact BBB. They are not a member but let me file a review, and said they would contact them. I have thought about this a lot and am going to ask that they refund a portion of my payment.
  17. I have used and recommended a local tree service many times. They did work for me yesterday and I am absolutely sick about the mess that they made. I have seen tornadoes do neater work. They left their trash in the yard, cigarette butts and destroyed plants, bushes, my lawn, my neighbor's bushes, and were so unprofessional to me and my neighbors. It is no longer the original man doing or overseeing the work. I am just sick about the mess and destruction, but do not want them back on my property. Live & learn, but if you are considering tree work you may want some info. I have paid the
  18. Lo the real benefit of speaking to LE, is to make the situation known to them. This man could already be a person of interest to them. They can add this information to his file and hopefully keep a closer eye on him. A restraining order is a handy piece of paper if you need to swat a fly. It is supposed to allow you to have him arrested if he violates it. By the time this guy violates it, someone could be hurt or dead. I believe asking LE for advise (face to face) is the best option. I have little faith in being protected, after all I have been through over the years,( and some of the same
  19. It all sounds very well planned. I hope everyone has a fantastic evening!
  20. May God rest the soul of that precious child. I cannot imagine anyone that could harm an innocent child. I drive over that bridge, everyday, and could not imagine just tossing her over that rail. That is a high bridge. It hurts to even think about it. I do not believe the whole truth will ever be known, as to how or why anyone did this.
  21. I recently bought a manufactured home with no realtors. I purchased through Auction.com. I did purchase the acre of land with it. The more realtors involved the less chance of reducing their commission. Just do some homework and look at comparables. Do not hesitate to make an offer for a little less than asking price. You can look on county tax maps to see if you are in Zone X. That is flood zone. If so you must purchase flood insurance along with your homeowner insurance. You can also see what prices the home has sold for in the past, and what surrounding homes have sold for, and what the
  22. If you can have it done at a surgery center instead of a hospital, you are not exposed to so many other things. My husband had a hip replacement as outpatient surgery. Went in one day, had the surgery, stayed over night. Got up the next morning, went to physical therapy, then went home. They kept it under 24 hours, so it was still outpatient. Insurance did pay much better for it that way.
  23. I work. My husband works. He is providing my insurance through his employer, as it was way less expensive, and had better coverage than what I was offered. He had to have a hip replacement in December, and is eligible for VA insurance. (VA denied that 12 years of para-trooping had any effect on his hip) They denied his request for the procedure even though he was 100% bone on bone, in that hip. I TRIED to get on Obama Care, in case he has unable to return to his job. There was NOT ONE policy that I could afford. I could not get insurance under this wonderful program. IF I could have, I woul
  24. There will be a lot more of joining those ranks. Working people will never be able to support all the non-working ones. When Humana dropped out of the program I knew it was in trouble. When insurance will only pay a certain amount for a treatment and that amount does not cover the expense completely, doctors will stop accepting that insurance, and when the secondary insurance won't, the individuals will have to pay it. I know owners of small companies that had always had insurance for their employees, even though they also had to pay for part of it. The policies became either not available
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