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  1. Several years ago Paulding County explored multiple options for severe weather notifications. We looked at tornado sirens as well as automated notification systems and weighed the advantages and disadvantages of each. Paulding County EMA in cooperation with Paulding County E911 elected to use Emergency Communications Network's CodeRED Weather Warning and Emergency Notification System for severe weather warnings as well as for "reverse" 911 notifications. This system is provided by the Board of Commissioners for citizens who reside or own a business within Paulding County. CodeRED Weather Warning provides notification of severe weather WARNINGS only. The warnings are delivered to a targeted area determined by the alert issued by the National Weather Service which means if you are not in the path of the storm, you will not receive the message. The warnings are delivered automatically once the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning. In order to ensure you receive the weather warnings you need to sign up at www.paulding.gov on the 911 webpage. I have also included a link below to enable you to go directly to the signup page. You may register multiple telephones, both residential and cellular, and you can elect to receive text messages as well. Remember, you have to sign up to receive weather alerts. CodeRED has proven to be a valuable tool and the system has worked well for Paulding County. We encourage all county residents and businesses to sign up for this free service. https://cne.coderedw...YEWUILhFA%3d%3d David Mumford Director Paulding County E-911 Communications Center (770)443-7629
  2. I would be more than happy to address your question. The earlier post is correct. If you will call the non-emergency number, 770-445-2117, during non-peak hours which are generally after 2:00 am and before 10:00 am, a supervisor can approve a test call depending on staffing and current call volume. While we don't encourage testing of telephone lines, we recognize there are situations that warrant such testing. We don't accept 911 test calls from a cellular telephone to determine routing because of the way cellular 911 calls are routed. Cellular 911 calls may not connect to the 911 Center in your county. These calls are routed based on the location of the cell tower that first receives the signal. 911 calls from a cellular telephone are processed completely different from a land line telephone because they are not tied to a fixed address; however, every 911 Center has policies in place to handle transfers of these types of calls to the appropriate PSAP. That is one of the reasons you will hear us ask on each cellular call "Are you in Paulding County?". I hope this helped answer your question.
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