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  1. Do you have Holiday parties planned for your home this year. Have your home look its BEST with a new Kitchen backsplash, under cabinet lighting, or Christmas decorations for the front yard. RESCOM Professionals have many ideas for your home. You can reach us at chood@rescomprollc.com or 678-736-1492. You can also vist WWW.RESCOMPROLLC.COM.
  2. Now that the kids are in school time to spruce up the house. The holidays will be here before you know it. New Kitchen or Bath maybe. New deck or deck refinish.
  3. I have tested the MajicJack with not much success. I had issue with my fax, call waiting, and call forwarding. I also tested OOMA which is a similar voice over ip device. I like the OOMA device it seems to be a more mature and elevated service over MajicJack. The OOMA device costs $299.00 however you never pay a monthly fee for phone service ever. Long distance outside the U.S. is economical rate. You also read and/or play your messages on the web. That being said if you have a smart phone you'll will have the ability to check voice mails from anywhere you have cell phone service.
  4. Do you need your home repaired, remodeled , or restored? Call RESCOM Professionals LLC at 678-736-1492 or visit us at www.rescomprollc.com
  5. Installed decks and refinnished decks.
  6. Hello I have joined the paulding.com web community and want to say Thanks for your warm welcome.
  7. The projects here are a few examples of before and after shots or the work invovled. I have 10 years experince in the home improvement and repair arena, Rescom Professionals are Insured and Bonded.
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