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  1. Lost Dog FOUND at Lawrence Junction Mobile Home Park Store on Monday. Young female, Boxer mix. Owner said to have been searching for her at the store earlier but left no contact information. PM with any information as to where she may belong.
  2. Help is needed as soon as possible. This is a local family. Repost: Howdy, my name is Rosko. That's my daddy, Doug, he was a disabled veteran from the United States Army. He rescued me 3 years ago from Z's Rescue in San Antonio ...Texas. My daddy suffered from PTSD, EOE and a list of other health issues. Because of his PTSD, he had me registered as an emotional support dog. We went everywhere together. November 2nd, my daddy unexpectedly passed away from injuries he received while in the US Army. He was 24 years old. He left behind me and my mommy. She had no place to live that wo
  3. If help is needed and they are not in our county we still can give information on other resources available to them. The Atlanta Humane Society has a spay/neuter program at their Atlanta vet center. Their number is 404-875-6420 and surgeries are performed every Friday and Saturday. Try contacting the Mountain Shelter in Blairsville at 706-781-3843 for spay programs in that area.
  4. Paulding Humane Society can help. Through donations we were able to fix 200 + pets last year for pet owners, many in this same situation. We're a non-profit and it's our mission. I'll send you a PM with details. P.S. If anyone would like to contribute, all donations are tax-deductible and help to continue the spay/neuter program. Donations can be made through PayPal.com at pauldinghumane2@aol.com or by check at P.O. Box 674, Dallas, GA 30132.
  5. Possum rescue girl at 6307 N Sweetwater Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122 · (770) 745-4803. If you can, put it up until you can reach her with water and dog or cat food (in a large crate or cage.)
  6. August 1, 2016 "Field surveys are scheduled to begin soon ...for the purpose of gathering the information necessary to design the below referenced project. The project proposes to widen SR61 from South of County Road 467/Dallas Nebo Rd to SR6." Any questions about the project or the work to be performed contact GDOT Project Manager Theo Igbalajobi at 404-631-1297.
  7. No, common misconception. Local county humane societies are in no way, shape or form supported or affiliated with the HSUS.
  8. Sure do, as do other charity organizations. Especially when screwed over by the county. The lies and attempted destruction of citizens go way deeper than an airport issue. I'd gladly take common sense any day over condescending, lying politicians with a degree and their cronies who think that makes them superior.
  9. True colors and all that. Get a life. This "summary" is a hoot.
  10. Some of the smartest, most successful people I know have no "degree." Common sense can't be taught.
  11. Whitey, you've GOT to be kidding, right? IF he "did away with" the dumpsters, THANK GOD he did! Seriously? If the election isn't over soon, I'm afraid you are going to blow a gasket. Politics. Sheesh.
  12. I've not gotten that impression at all, CO. You be my friend!
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