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  1. This cute puppy is still available....if you act now we will throw in another dog for free. No shipping and handling
  2. Someone please take this dog. This is not a home for wayward animals.
  3. Was the dog wearing a hoodie?
  4. Randy travis is in the hospital with a broken heart....irony
  5. A witch that can make water landings.
  6. SVB had to close due to structural integrity trouble with the powder springs tunnel leg.
  7. Well from the link it looks like Michael has it licked.... .......cancer that is.
  8. You find the lady in the blue jeep and you'll find the guy in the red truck.
  9. They should at the very least spend as much time in jail as they kept the kid captive.
  10. I see that toilet and think that Guam is the place where fears come true.
  11. On a lighter note I have a federal pacific 60a panel and breakers for sale if anyone needs them. I replaced it with a new 200amp for capacity. Those breakers were hard to find so I have a few extras.
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