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  1. He went missing Thursday morning and she has called and checked every where.
  2. I am posting this for someone else she has lost her dog 10 yr old "GS mix" Braswell Mountain Road area his name is Chance he is a Gentle Giant and really needs to get back home ASAP He needs his Medicine. Andi:404-447-1598 Melissa: 404-805-2098
  3. Douglas Pediatrics: George Harkins he is the bomb.
  4. That is sad but I also I think it is wrong for them to use her maiden name I can see if it was included with her married name.
  5. I have noticed a lot of wrecks posted on nixle at that intersection lately.
  6. They kept Sam's people which is also AWESOME they will be keeping them from what I understand and Metro is a Great company from what they say. I am just glad they got to keep their jobs right here at Christmas..
  7. I thought they were putting a amphitheater in at the New unfinished Burnt Hickory Park.
  8. I did not know if any of you cat people here might have something you do at home. Yes Rocky's Mom the nurses call cat bites wicked mouth they say it is bad, her hand looked awful.
  9. I wanted to know if anyone on here knows a way to cut some of the bacteria in a cat's mouth? Anything to put in their food or water? A friend of mine was bit by her cat and stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 days with a bad infection in her hand. He is not one to bite he got spooked when she picked him up from behind and he did not see her. He is a inside cat but goes out for a little bit during the day. Before anyone post snide comments putting him down or shooting him is not a option.TIA
  10. I was waiting for someone to bring this topic up
  11. Thank God one more piece of garbage off the streets.Good Job Law Enforcement!!
  12. DUE TO THE LACK of JOBS .I give these people credit for taking a job where they can IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE NO SKILL or TRAINING!!!!!!! Atleast they are not riding the system taking hand outs and doing nothing. Walmart is a crappy company to work for it has not always been that way I worked there years ago until I COULD FIND A BETTER JOB. That fit my SKILLS and TRAINING.
  13. Who ever said let him stay in jail for life, have you lost you mind I for one DO NOT WANT MY TAX DOLLARS GOING TO SUPPORT that SOB for the rest of his life there he gets 3 meals a day, a bed ,clean clothes ,cable tv dont think so we have supported that peice of crap long enough
  14. I agree with the animal part they do not deserve it unless they have killed but he took a life to me a eye for an eye.
  15. I agree i was thinking the same thing, they said it was needless sufering WTH!! look at what he did to his family like that jerk deserves to die with no suffering, to me more suffering the better.
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