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  1. Is it gone? I hope not. I sent a message.
  2. Hanks down town. Gilligan's Seafood. Awesome. Magnolias on Broadway.
  3. Badbeck


    Need a tee shirt made. Simple wording, nothing fancy.About 10-11 words. PM me please. Would like it to be done locally.
  4. Nite Owl on here has free Christmas presents. I sent a PM and got a response of more than one cookie. Try looking Cookie up.
  5. Looking for exercise bicycle. Doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles. Just needs to be a pedal bicycle . Please P.M. me if you have know of one. Thanks P.Comers
  6. I worked as a tag & title agent for years. If a " salvaged title " was issued, the car had to be inspected by state patrol. A salvaged title means the car was totaled by insurance, for what ever reason, but has been repaired properly. Some states require the salvage title to follow the car, some will issue new title because of state inspection. Depends on state. Still not sure I would puchase vehicle if I had this information.
  7. Didn't this happen last year. Some sort of Latino religious thing. Loo back on p.com history.
  8. I know someone that lived in two different storage units. One in Douglasville and one in Hiram. Fell on hard times. Legal, no, possible yes.
  9. Love this commercial.
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