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  1. what they failed to say about these positions at the big orange box store is that they are only hiring A: Part time and B. 20 hours a week or less. But is does look good to the public that they are hiring 800 people and it looks good on the unemployment chart.JS.
  2. a cup to pee in when you are stuck in traffic for hours as was alot of people I spoke with. The first thing they said was "I gotta pee". LOL
  3. this should have never happen.Thank God for the people that are lending a helping hand and risking thier own safety.Praying for all.
  4. yes it was and yes they need prayers, it was 2 seniors, girl driving Toyota turning left into Lancaster, truck went by her and she turned and another truck with a mom, dad, two children T-boned her on the passengers side, the male teen with her was not responsive, life flighted to Egleston from Ingles. I assisted the female driver , she had glass everywhere on her, but was o.k other than minor cuts from glass . They all need prayers. This has just tore me up.
  5. maybe it was from the previous wife or daughter.Everything hides in carpet and you can look and look and never find it and then one day it shows up.
  6. that is such a beautiful cake, I always did the standup Character cakes for my kids, the decorating was the hardest part.
  7. Just about everything has to be name brand. I have not found anything generic that I like except Publix Colby Jack cheese and Publix milk .I will not buy Kraft Colby Jack anymore.
  8. Another child was hit by a tree limb at school in Atlanta (Brandon Elementary). Trees are beautiful especially the old 100 + year old ones, but people need to realized that trees that old become very dangerous.
  9. anjer1


    yep, that's the one. I went to the chicken world and just the name almost did not allow me to walk in the door.(I do not care for chicken much ) but as my hubby and I pondered about going in I told him that I will walk out if it is all chicken, so we agreed to go in and I ordered the the BBQ sandwich. It was delish! Took me back many years ago to when we would go to Powder Springs on Friday night and have a great BBQ sandwich.Glad it is back around and the last few times that I have been to Powder Springs, it has not been good and do not order thier ribs neither.
  10. I do not have teens, all of mine are grown but if I was a parent raising a teen then I would invest my money into this program.
  11. unfortunely Cell phones are the "New Parent/babysitter." the sad part is teens can lie to thier parents and the parents have to believe them too.a cell phone does not tell the parent where they are. When I went somewhere as a teen I had to leave a Landline phone number and my parents called too and made sure I was there.Thank you mom and dad.
  12. you too, I had surgery on my right hand last Tuesday. Life is tough when you are a righty and having to use the lefty.LOL
  13. MsGaStorm, I am very aware that is is illegal. I own 2 that I ride on "MY PROPERTY" here, I also have 200 acres in Middle GA. that I ride on. I would have never bought them HOPING to find a place to ride them or trespassing on someone's property to ride.I am no ones keeper, Teenagers are the ones riding on the power line right of way and when those kids get hurt or killed on them then the parents will have to live with it, as well as the property owner that owns the property where they were riding or trespassing illegally.There are business' that they can be rode at like the ones recommended.
  14. Mrs.G, you wrote what I have been thinking. I have never understood why folks buy 4 wheelers and they do not have a place to ride them.They are not made to ride on pavement, in subdivisions, or to ride on other peoples property.
  15. anjer1

    Health Ins

    I would not ever use KP anymore. I had them 2 years ago,hubby was having chest pains and they only use Northside hospital. We passed 2 hospitals on the way there. May be cheap but you could die in an emergency.Actually I know that a few have.You have to keep in mind that KP is the insurance company and they will cut cost however they can to make a profit, including cutting corners on procedures and taking less expensive routes putting your health at risk.I know there are alot of people that love going there. They just don't know any better or have never had better insurance.BCBS is the best. I
  16. well, I guess we have already passed it and did'nt even know it. Is that good or bad?
  17. I would rethink making the decision to let someone refill thier pockets with my money automatically taken out of my account. Just sayin'
  18. yep, hubby and I have never had sinus and allergy issues until last year. We would go to our primary doc and 3 weeks later we would have the same issues. This time I set hubby a appointment with the Center for Allergy in Villa Rica, he told the doctor what had been going on when he went to the primary doc, he also told him that he felt like that he was not getting enough meds to clear it up and the doc said , "you are absolutely right" It takes more antibiotic than being given and a stronger one. So he was given a 14 day antibiotic taken 1 time a day, did a x-ray of the gook in the sinus' and
  19. Rambo is closed to the public from my understanding. It is wholesale only and Home Depot recieves thier plants from there.
  20. not funny, my GK's are not home from school yet, they get home at 2:35, called the school and buses have been delayed, Citizen cain, I do not find this funny at all
  21. I feel for the children that were affected by this and the ones indicted should have to pay those bonus' back. I am proud of the D.A for the indictments. Yes, it is embarrasing for the city of Atlanta but he is doing the right thing for the People of Fulton County.
  22. If the sheriff's dept wants to stop all of this then they should post the police video to the public. Problem solved.
  23. this is the second time, they need to call 811 before digging.
  24. It really depends on where the pastor and pianist is coming from. In 2003, our pastor came from Tallapoosa to Powder Springs and I paid him 150.00. If it was a local I would have paid 100.00. The pianist I paid $50.00, she was from Powder Springs.
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