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  1. I personally know that you do a wonderful job! I wish sometimes people knew how much of you own time you spend listening and asking the right questions to do what is truly in the best interest of our students and our district. I would suggest anyone who has a question of your dedication and ability should go to a board meeting and really see everything that goes on and how our board needs support. I am not saying that I agree with every member but short of 1 or so I feel very well represented. I hope everyone votes Kim Cobb on July 31st., Remember to make sure everyone is registered so tha
  2. He was my crush on Hogan's Hero's
  3. Scarlet


    I appreciate you coming on here and explaining things to extent that you do, that in itself speaks volumes to me. It is refreshing to see someone committed to this county, who in fact if I understand correctly, you are not from this county originally.?. I am however and I have to wonder if it is best to hold off on the exact punishment for these kids, I am trusting that these decisions are being made by people who are trying to get all of the information needed so that the punishment will fit the crime. A hasty decision can be a bad decision. This is much more than a prank and it is nice t
  4. Have all my windows open it is perfect
  5. He was an absolutely WONDERFUL man. I really loved him so much!
  6. I I had one in 87, and omgoodness...I hope they do it different now. That was some terrible times.
  7. I believe he KNOWS they are lies, he is the one who is morally bankrupt
  8. No, they are not. My child has great self esteem which is how she proudly stood up then and now, that the rules were not followed. Will it be so crushing for another student to go ahead and find that the world is a place of rules and that they must be respected. She graduated in 08, and she had no wounds then or now, thank you. Also, we being people who recognize the world does not revolve around us, we happily accept your prayers for I am sure they will come in handy. Especially when she is sad because of little things called rules and accountability they she has to follow in her lifet
  9. This post says it all. My daughter passed the graduation test first time, of course I was pleased. She worked hard the rest of her jr. and sr. year. They had some students who were not suppose to walk, but at the last minute they were allowed. This was not right, and my daughter felt that her work meant nothing if her reward of walking was reduced to a "fair" situation. I personally am pleased with the decision of the board. You cannot just change the rules just because things did not go the way some parents had planned. A final question for parents that are dealing with this. W
  10. My child had them taken out at 7, she ate an entire box of mac and cheese that night. She really bounced back!
  11. I am very excited for PCHS, he will be wonderful,
  12. Even though they are yours and probably need it.. ., I would never strike another persons child. Seriously, your kids know you would not tolerate disrespect and that says volume. Again, I really do not know both sides. I just had to reply to you.
  13. Overcrowding on buses is a constant issue. Capacity is figured on 3 to a seat. It is hard to put 3 HS, or 3 MS. My personal opinion, which is too little too late. I have always said that as a when a subdivision is put in, the builders should be required to purchase the busess to support that neighborhood. I do believe safety is a very important to drivers and parents. I know that drivers are not raising their hands to drive this many students at once. This does show that the cuts from the state does effect teachers, bus drivers and many other areas for all the students. It is a
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