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  1. My prayers go out to the family of the one that passed away. Dec 28, 2006 my husband passed away at Welcome All Rd 278 Fulton Co. A tractor trail hit another car that hit my husband in his pickup truck. I still say that the tractor trailer driver was on his phone that day. I personally think they need to take texting off of the phones. We didn't have this problem with texting before it was invented... People don't care until it's to late.
  2. My heart goes out to any one with a child that has a low IQ, We have and continue to walk in them shoes, my son now 24 years old, we have always stayed on top of things in school, with IEP's and being pushed thur school only to grad with a Special Ed. diploma. Like the other post on here our young adult has problems with hygene(sp) and being responsible, he is very easy to take advantage of and it's scary. He still lives at home he does have a job and has had one the past 7 years, He pays his truck note but we have to stay on him, he has to take med's on a daily bases it's because he is d
  3. Angels Among Us Ministries in Paulding Co. has Angels for Success we give gently used business suits or dress clothes to young ladies for Job interview or every day work clothes. Tina Watson 770-445-8994
  4. Get a little photo album and start with photos of your husband as a baby, get a baby photo of you get a teenage photo of your husband , one of you get a photo maybe of his mom and him, and one of you and your mom get photos of you when you were dating get photos of your engagement your wedding take a photo of your first ANN. use just one photo of each, put in the album starting in order of birth thru marriage and add to it each year of diffrent events and as your family grows. for the first year write a little note and put inside the album.to your husband. Decorate the out side o
  5. I know the Rackley family owns the New Hope daycare, I'm needing the place her son works all I remember is (septic) . Any help would be greatly apperciated:)
  6. Great, thank you! her son works at some septic tank place in Paulding we remember that much do you know the name of that place?
  7. We have miss placed the name and number of the person that owns the Daycare across the street from the old Abney elm. any help would be greatly accepted
  8. Do you know where and when we can get an application and information to be in the Christmas parade?
  9. We have lost the name and number to the New Hope daycare. We know it is closed trying to get in touch with people that own it. Can anyone please help? Thanks
  10. Someone had given me the name of a young man and we have miss placed it. We are looking for a name or number for the New Hope Daycare that closed. any help would be awesome:)
  11. Are you saleing this stuff or giving it away? and why? We are doing a FUNdraiser yard sale for Angel Among Us Ministries and we are looking for yard sale items. Thank you for your time:)
  12. I've had vertigo for 23 years, it's not from being sick I'm a brain tumor survivor. It affected my ear and ect. I use to take meclizen(sp) perscribed by the dr. but i had to take it so very offten and when I ran out a trip back to the dr. and a co pay! not! so for a while now I have been getting the Walmart band equate MOTION SICKNESS RELEIF 50 mg. some times I take one and sometimes two. Have you tried taken any thing for nause? I have empathie for you, it's for the birds but I manage Praying for you that you will feel better real soon IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!
  13. Angels Among Us Ministries is haveing a Family FUNdraiser Day, Oct. 6 , 2012 11am-4pm. at Cedarcrest Golf Center on Dallas Acworth Hwy. We are looking for some used saw horses and ply wood to make tables, volunteers & lots of help. Thank you and have a BLESSED DAY:)
  14. Needing Vendors that will apeal to adults, children & teenagers for our Family FUNdraiser Day, October 6, 11am-4pm. $60.00 sign up you bring your table, tent & chair what you make you keep We would love for you to be apart of our "Country Fair" Family FUNdraiser Day, please call Tina Watson 770-445-8994
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