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  1. I was thinking the same thing, 1 house out in the middle of nothing
  2. I was just thinking about this today, when I came thru going home. It does look really big compared to Roses. Since it looks like there will be 2 different doors spread apart, I was thinking maybe 2 different businesses. But I dont see what you are thinking a car wash??? Will be glad to see it open hopefully sooner than later. If they will stay competitive with gas prices, they will get some of my business.
  3. Really??? Hwy 120, hwy 101 intersection? I live right down the road and havent heard this. I wonder about that convenience store going in.......still waiting....maybe this time next year!
  4. Where is the early voting held, Courthouse?
  5. since we need some new topics here..... what is being built right beside Scoggins Middle School on Mulberry Rock Rd? They have delivered the BIG heavy machinery. I thought about the new park, but I thought I had read here on pcom, that the new park was going in further down, and on the other side of the road. On a side note, I will be really glad when the new park is built and open, I need a new walking area and someone to help me stay motivated to walk. Kris
  6. My son went last weekend to "Gates of Misery" in Rome and he really liked it! The same son and my daughter volunteered at the train ride in villa rica, last night. He said they are really needing volunteers, so any teens out there that need club volunteer hours, should check into it. They are open, thurs-sat for next 3 weekends. Kris
  7. you are right, we only have phat phils, besides having to drive to new ga. I guess we can still wish. I have been a mile from Roses Store for 10 years now and thought by now, we would have something............
  8. same people or different ones? I could tell its not a chain store, bc the owners are tearing down the old store, piece by piece and not just bulldozing it down. Anyway, I hope they do good and give Roses a little competition. But we need more eating places out here.
  9. can anyone elaborate more on whats going in at the old Swaffords? they have finally put up some black mesh fencing, as if they were about to do some site work. Curious if you can let the cat out of the bag yet? TIA
  10. yes, he was a student at pse. several of the teachers remember him
  11. which one is listed on the sphs website? My kids are reading the books that are listed on sphs site under the summer reading list. they are upcoming 9th graders.
  12. RIP, Frank! May God watch over Kim and the girls. So sad, another life taken too soon.
  13. we have 2 properties, a home with 2 acres and land alone, 2 acres. the home went down $1500. but the land went up $500. They are saying an acre of land, way out here in sw Paulding is worth $11,000.00 I don't see it!
  14. this is our family's 2nd year of owning season passes. We really enjoy going! I agree, pack a lunch if you are planning on staying the whole day. Get your hand stamped and go out to your car to eat. their food is really high. If you are not doing a pass (best deal) go online and you can get a cheaper day price by buying at least 2 days in advance, (verify this, it was last year) or if you got a buddy with a pass, they might let you in on one of their cheap coupons! My kids are 13 now and I go and take me a magazine or two and I relax while they do their own thing. If you have little kids, sit
  15. It was actually monday night around 4pm. Thanks for the info! The above post shows wed night, but we were on the way to skating rink for the cheap monday skate (which they didnt have) and was caught in the traffic at that house. there were paulding sherriff cars plus a ga state patrol all blocking that busy road. Since so much seems to happen at this house, I will not be getting my hair done there!
  16. where is the archives, we were caught in this mess that night, saw a woman in handcuffs and there were about 8 or 9 cop cars!
  17. thanks and I just saw the add at the top of the page
  18. what is the cost to get in and do you have to pay to park? tia
  19. My child jumped off of that stupid dock along with tons of other kids and another kid comes swimming out from underneath that dock, which scared my child and he landed on it sideways which broke it. So luckily for the other child, which was smaller, my son could have landed on him and hurt him drastically, which then they would have had 2 hurt kids on their property! The people that own this place is careless, heartless. Yes my child took the risk, but they could have been sympathic that it happened!!!! The dock is dangerous and should not be open when the water levels are down. Now
  20. My kid broke his leg there last summer, and they didnt give a crap about it. Saw it happen, watched me try to carry an 11 year old boy from the beach all the way to my car and never said sorry, too bad, etc..... We will never go back and warn others not too either! JMO
  21. So sorry for the Willis family. Your families will be in my thoughts and prayers. Kris
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