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  1. I really hate that. I actually need milk and I hate buying it when there's winter weather in the forecast. I'm really not one of them,darn it. I actually am out of milk.
  2. The whole ELC is nothing more than discussing what has always been referred to in the past as a living will. That's all it is. Setting up your plans, with full explanation of options, with regards to what you personally want done to try to save/extend your life in the event that you are unable to make those decisions at the time. It's like DNRs and things like that. It is not special diets or anything like that. (I don't think I used the word like enough in that last post. like like like like like like like like like like Ok, that's better.)
  3. It was a little scary at the other location. It's better now.
  4. bottled water ... cell phones ... CDs ... DVDs ... remote controls ... microwaves ...
  5. I'm sorry that it sounds like your family has had a bad run of luck when it comes to their care providers. It has been my experience in similar situations that family and friends have been given an abundance of information and resources and support.
  6. yep ... in Paulding Plaza.
  7. Totally against it. If there is enough reason to believe there is information of importance on the phone, get a warrant. I get how they came to the decision but I still don't like it.
  8. When did they go out of business? I thought they just moved. What's the salvage place over by the endless yardsale? Isn't that Brookes?
  9. It might be a stretch but the cake decorating place in the Attic Self Storage complex in Hiram might be able to help you track one down. Another odd idea ... have you tried Petsmart?
  10. How soon is the party?
  11. I don't want the government involved in my health care. Period.
  12. I will gladly get you anything that you want/need for that purpose. And if you ever find yourself with any boxtops or cambells labels or tysons a+ or any other similar program items, I will gladly swing by and pick them up so that our schools can get that money. A.) Never going to happen for a long list of reasons. B.) That's what I meant ... they couldn't make it here so they closed up shop here.
  13. There's absolutely no question that the fundraisers that our schools do now don't do nearly enough for our schools based on the dollars spent buy the families supporting them. Before I go any further on that though I want to say ... do not take the prizes away from the top sellers. I hate to sound cold but who cares if the kids that don't sell a lot feel bad. Sometimes in life people do better than you. Learn early to deal with it. Why should the kids that do put in the effort not be rewarded? I would absolutely love to see enough parents get involved at the school level to make a better fundraiser ... one that makes more sense and more money for the school. It can't be done without a lot of help and that is why the schools go the route that they do. They have no other choice. Seriously, how many people around here want a $10-15 candle? Just ask the fine folks at Pier 1. Oh wait, you can't ... they went out of business.
  14. Good general concept but it wouldn't fly because of the legal side of it. Allowing people to buy shares of an item implies actual ownership. I really like that you're putting thought into an idea though and give you a HUGE round of applause for it. Way to go!! I wish more people would take the time and the energy to look for sollutions instead of wasting that effort on complaining.
  15. YES ... darn it. That's what I meant. If you are NOT adding carbs back in (slowly, and the right carbs) you are not doing it right
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