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  1. Greetings! I am here to tell you about a new sports program we are in the process of starting at McEachern UMC in Powder Springs starting in March for adults 16+ and over with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and other special needs. The goal would be to work on their physical skills, social skills and mental strategies with high level conference slowpitch softball players on hand to help instruct from time to time... There will be both practices and umpired scrimmage games. It is free to sign up for the program, and no experience is required. The only requirement is that they would need to bring a fielding glove. Please let me know if you know of anyone that could benefit from this type of program. For more information, please contact me back at the phone number below or at tcduncan26@gmail.com. Thank you very much for your time! Thank you! Sincerely, Taylor Duncan 7703131762
  2. Benefit Softball Tournament on November 14th at Mt Tabor Park in Dallas, Georgia for Firefighter's Daughter who has been diagnosed with Leukemia! Contact Shane George if you're interested in getting your team together! Get together and support a fantastic cause!!!! Mt Tabor Park, Dallas, Georgia. November 14th- USSSA rules- Any ASA or USSSA Stamped Bat Allowed (No shaved bats, Senior League bats, OG Ultras/Ultra Iis, or banned bats allowed)- 1-1 count when you come up to the plate- Double Elimination- Any ratio of men and women.- $250 per team or $25 per individual player- Must bring your own 44cor (or less) YELLOW ball.- Persons interested may call Shane George at (770)616-1787
  3. Alright, we got a co-ed tournament coming up on June 22nd at Adams Park in Kennesaw, GA, for charity. Helps kids who can't afford to get into rec sports, you guessed it, get into rec sports. Sponsored by the Dave Krache Foundation... We're looking for female players to play on our team for the tournament, we're pretty much filled on guys, we have one spot left for one guy, but we have 5 spots for women who want to play on the team. Cost will be $20 a person to enter. Please email me at taylorkazarian@yahoo.com for details. Thanks! -Taylor
  4. I'm a guy who's a constant regular, a fan of small businesses, and a person who's trying to help out, basically I'm volunteering to help this guy make it in Paulding.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Super-Gater-Gamz/385687827245?fref=ts Here ya go! I thought I'd be nice enough to give you guys a coupon to one of the best stores in Paulding... Remember to print it out and show it to the staff when you come, and it's running from now until Christmas Eve...
  6. Bingo. Even then, you weren't killing people like it's seen today though.
  7. What about Final Countdown by Europe?
  8. Rolled into Hiram today, saw today was their first day open... Really good stuff, really good prices, puts Panda Express to shame cause you could get some of the same things at the new place at a better price and better quality than you could at Panda...Only thing is they didn't have Iced Tea to drink, but I can deal with Lemonade (I'm not a fan of carbonated sodas by any means), the food was fantastic I thought...I'll definitely be back here. Also, after my meal, went back and got some more from the bar, 2 entrees & Lo-Mein for three bucks. Can't beat that. Good size portions too...Blown away, it's about time Hiram got some good businesses in the shopping centers besides the same ol same ol corporate guys.
  9. But I'm quite sure if you looked hard enough, you'd see a frog on a 6-lane freeway trying to duck rush hour traffic In real life though... Paperboy represented the average job of a pre-teen kid back in the 1980's, early 90's, and I found it to be quite fun. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater represented the cool things about skateboarding, but sure only a couple people I'm sure could only do a Kickflip to 50-50 grind to a Manual to a Pop Shove It. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney actually is a fun simulator of being a defense attorney and solving really hard murder cases... Real-world morals do make some really fun games, you just have to search for them nowadays.
  10. For weeks I've taken a look at the signs as well as the plaza next to Wal-Mart every time I pass through Hiram, and tonight when I read the menus, they had their tables and such inside and getting ready to open sometime soon. Anyone have any news regarding when they will open? Can't wait to have some nice chicken and shrimp off that hibachi grill for a good price without going all the way to Douglasville or Rockmart! XD!
  11. Well you have to understand, technology changes and evolves FAST and I mean FAST. Back in his day, you didn't have Grand Theft Auto, you didn't have Gears of War, you didn't have Doom. In his day, back in the 80s when Skid Row and Guns n Roses were going strong, the worst that were made were exactly as he described, just a simple attack by an enemy and lose only one life, the simple ways of gaming. Yes, there were adult rated games on 2600, but you still didn't have blood and guts involved like there is today. Heck even in the early 1990's, it didn't have any of that until around the time Mortal Kombat and Doom were released on Sega and SNES, and for MK, Arcade.
  12. Despite the age difference, you being 65, and me being 17, I can very much agree with your points of view. I've seen and heard of a Commodore 64, and always wanted to try one and the games on the system, like Zork and Last Ninja for example. I agree with your opinions that adventure games and old-sk00l text titles are actually much more fun, as well as popping in a floppy disk or a cartridge than downloading games off the internet. Like you and many other people, I also own an XBOX360, and I have played first person shooters before, and I will say some of the content and titles in the system's library I really don't dig at all. Added with the obscene content, I do also think FPSs are nowadays overrated, and well, the way people nowadays play video games are well, different than when people played the Atari 2600, and well, quite frankly, I also don't think there's that much of a variety like there used to be. Far Cry, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Halo, Call of Duty, you name the shooter it's pretty much overrated, nowadays, physical data on the system is like 60% shooters, 30% sports, 10% Kinect and other titles This trend of realistic killing video games has been happening for quite a long time, first you had your Mortal Kombat (Not exactly a shooter by any means, it's a fighting game, but it's one of the first ones with realistic blood), and then came Doom on the SNES, which was one of the first FPS games. Even though you saw fatalities happen in both titles, they do NOT even come close by ANY means to what's being released today on the market. Not even the first Grand Theft Auto on original PlayStation could come even close to what's being released on the systems today. It bothers me a little they use cursing every other word, and it bothers me that they are stooping very low to rush out the most realistic effects of killing, as well as just promoting things that would be banned in some countries. I think it's safe to say, you can tell by now, I don't play very many shooters other than Space Invaders on Atari 2600, Galaxian on 2600, Laser Blast on 2600, Doom on Sega 32x, the really rare Sir Lancelot on 2600, and the arcade titles on the Multicade at Stars & Strikes (ahem, Galaga, anyone?), all because I believe that you will get more fun out of not only older titles, but also the fact that it doesn't include as much garbage, and for some, it improved thinking and logic skills, and it didn't have any time of horror effect. There weren't kids back in the 80's or early 90's that said "F**k yeah! I killed him!" or fuss and argue over the internet with their immature attitudes. It was clean and local fun with friends and family that you'd sometimes invite over and playing for the principle of playing. Not wins or matches, or what level your rank is.
  13. Those guys that run a game store in Newnan recently expanded and opened a store here in Hiram next to Cheeseburger Bobby's...I was quite ecstatic that they were opening a store here, because they sell everything from Atari 2600 to now. They even sell the new games in new wrap too unlike some game stores I've been in. I recently traded in some movies, vhs tapes, cds, and games...They give better credit than GameStop...Anyone else been in there? If not, go. It's awesome. What do you think?
  14. Pubby, I have an update on who else is running in the race. The next candidate, his name is James Camp from Carroll County. He will be running as a Libertarian candidate. He posted this on Facebook: "Dear Fellow Libertrians, My name is James Camp and I am running for the State Senate District 30 Seat formerly held by the Honorable Bill Hamrick. Judge Gideon J. Tucker once wrote. "No Person's Life, Liberty, or Property are safe while the legislature is in session". With so much at stake for the upcoming 2013 -2014 legislative session, those words couldn't be further from the truth. People and small businesses are going through some really tough times and distrust of our leaders in the government is at an all time high. We often hear from our elected officials that we need experienced, professional politicians to run the government. In the past 8 years or more we have seen the expansion of government, further erosion of our liberties and our state sovereignty, and the deficits have grown to disastrous proportions. All of this is courtesy of our experience, professional politicians. A little bit about myself, I was born in a small community north of Rome, Georgia called Armuchee. I graduated from Douglas County High School in 1998 and went on to attend college at the Art Institute of Atlanta. After College I moved to rural Carroll County in 2001. I currently reside in Temple with my wife of 7 ½ years, the jewel of southeast Asia, Misa. I work in Carrollton as an IT Technician for a small business. As I made friends through out the county, I slowly began to take an interest in politics and found out just how political this county was. I started to become involved in the political scene when I learned that the county commission was taking up an ordinance to ban discharging of firearms on private property at the behest of a developer. Since I am an avid target shooter and sportsman, this would have directly affected me. I was at disbelief that a private developer had the ability to enlist the police power of government to achieve his goals. Thankfully, the ordinance was eventually repealed by an out pouring of citizen advocacy that was just epic. Needless to say this lit a fire under me and prompted me to band together with 5 other like minded individuals to take on 2nd amendment issues. After tedious research of Georgia laws on the carrying and possession of firearms and how overly board and vague some of those laws were, GeorgiaCarry.org was formed. During my tenure with GeorgiaCarry, we have been in successful in overturning some of those draconian laws that otherwise prevented peaceful, law-abiding citizen from legally carrying weapons in order to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. I still continue to serve on GeorgiaCarry's board of directors still to this day. Carroll County has been blessed to have good representation at the General Assembly. I feel that I am the appropriate person of the job because I don't represent the entrenched politician. I am representative of citizen advocacy. This position needs someone held in high regards to integrity, character, morals, and ethics. I believe that in a government made up of its citizens, those people serving in positions within the government are subordinate to its citizens. The fundamental role of government is the protection of its citizens from enemies, foreign and domestic, and the republic. I believe in a constitutionally limited government that promotes maximum individual freedom and liberty. I feel that the use of force by the police power of government to achieve economic and social goals is morally and ethically wrong. Individuals should be free to do as they wish as long as their actions don't affect the life, liberty, or property of their fellow citizen. Personal responsibility should be the rule of the day and not government control. I cannot empahsize how important this election is. There will be a special Republican Primary Election on November 6th. Whomever comes out of that election will face me at the special general election on January 8th, 2013. If you value limited government with maximum freedom and liberty in addition to accountibility and transparency and you live in Carroll, Douglas, or Paulding counties, then I am humbly asking for your support and your vote on January 8th, 2013. Thank you and God bless." Here you go, please add this to the next news article regarding the Senate District 30 election. Thank you! P.S. This is his web site: www.votejamescamp.com
  15. I think they still sell the ION VHS2PC converter...it's only $99, but it may have gone down in price since last December. This price is better than to have it done cause you may be paying $10-$20 for each VHS-DVD based on info from the internet. It's pretty good, could record game footage as well as VHS footage as well.
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