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  1. moved in about 5 weeks ago
  2. then take a spoonfull in the blender(majic bullet) add some hot sause yummy chip dip
  3. I like to use 15 bean soup package and add tomatoes and chili powder
  4. I have mower issues again with my john deer i will call you soor or maybe just bye a murry
  5. and Ive been through the so called mortgage help that they offer 4 different times its all bull if you arent behind in payments good hard workers that pay thier bills loose again
  6. I have never not paid my debts but Boa refuses to lower my interest from almost 8% and I am working my self to the bone to pay them and slowly continue with my home being self employed there isnt much in the way of retirement income so I must plan the next few years carefully unfinished area future mancave
  7. in this county you have to have an inspection every 6 months or pay a renewal fee they really dont like people that dont owe on thier home
  8. and I decided to take out all 20 or so pine trees and plant fruit instead
  9. only 1 red tag for minor stuff drywall has began
  10. never put the house upn for sale a couple realtors told me its worth way less than we owe and BOA wont do anything to make this payment reasonable so I could atleast rent it out guess BOA will get it back under forclosure
  11. new progress getting rough in inspection this week then insulation and sheetrock
  12. still working on this not much visually different but doing the in the wall things like the electrical/plumbing siding is not quite finished but is progressing as the hot temps allow
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