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  1. My teenage daughter and I went to the Haunted Springs walking ghost tour in Powder Springs over the weekend and had a blast! I was wondering what else similar is in the area. Any recommendations?
  2. MUSIC GURU: Hiram’s Own Hometown Music Store Perhaps one of Hiram’s newest best kept secrets in small business opened in early 2015 in Owen’s Point Plaza on Hiram-Douglasville Highway, a stone’s throw from Main Street in downtown Hiram. The history of how Music Guru originated is a true entrepreneur’s dream, and one the vibrant and charmingly verbose Roxy is glad to share. The Obregons, devoted music enthusiasts, had stumbled upon the out-of-business music shop that previously rented the space, and inquired with the building owner regarding the store and its con
  3. When I worked retail, I was happy to get the extra pay, and my employer didn't require the shifts; they were taken on voluntarily. I'd also like to point out that those "online stores" you are ordering from instead of local retailers employ real people, too. They also work overtime during the holidays, as do those who work for the delivery service.
  4. She's probably teething. If you think this is the case, give her some baby tylenol and something to chew on. The paci really helped my daughter through it. I'm not against crying it out, but sometimes there really is something wrong that's keeping baby up.
  5. BLD - they always pick up (even if you're behind on your bill) and if you forget to take your can down to the curb, they fetch it anyway. They even take off overflow stuff that is not inside the BLD can. $12/month
  6. I use Wordpress and pay for my domain and hosting, although you can get a basic WP blog for free without a domain. Blogger and Tumblr are also options, but I've never used them.
  7. I know absolutely zero about cars, but my check engine light came on and my brother graciously took it took AutoZone to get it checked out and they said catalytic converter. However, my battery had corrosion and once cleaned the light when off.
  8. There are free online classes for HTML and Paint Shop Pro at www.webtechu.com - I took them 10 years ago and if you're interested in web design it is a wonderful start.
  9. acj626


    My 3 year old has been suffering since she was a baby, and we've found that a lot of products work initially and then it's like she gets immune. We've had 3 different prescriptions from the doctor, none of which worked more than a week. So we try different over the counter stuff now, and for her Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment (Oatmeal) and Cortizone 10 Plus Cream work the best, the longest. We still have to switch it up every now and then. When I saw the commercial for the new Neosporin line of eczema products I was excited and searched the stores (shelves bare) for three weeks before I got my
  10. I have a Nook Color that has been rooted to Android and I use it like a tablet. It can do games, internet, documents...and has an Android reader, Nook reader and Kindle app. It's awesome! They are now selling it for $169 because a newer version is out, but you cannot root the new one.
  11. I had similar issues with my second daughter--she had an abnormally large tummy in the sonograms and it really scared me. But she turned out fine and is a happy, healthy, beautiful 3 year old now
  12. We've lived in several upscale apartment complexes and there are break-ins everywhere. Our vehicle was stolen twice at one. Your best bet is to pay extra for a garage if available. We are living in a house now (with a garage), but we prefer to leave one of our cars outside when we're not home--so it looks like someone is home. I guess you can't win, wherever you live...
  13. Just a spin-off from the photo editing thread... I learned HTML & CSS from these FREE 2 week courses and recommend for anyone who wants to learn to build websites. http://webtechu.com/
  14. Paint Shop Pro - easier to use than Photoshop and can do much of the same effects. You can take FREE online classes for PSP at http://webtechu.com/ The latest version at Best Buy is around $100 (I think) but you can get past versions for a lot less on eBay. My favorite version is 9, but 7 & 8 are good, too (and version 7 comes with Animation Shop). After XI, I didn't like the formatting so much.
  15. I am having issues with this very thing. My daughter is in the 5th grade at Ragsdale. We moved to Paulding a few months ago--her school in Polk had textbooks. Why not here? I was in the 5th grade in 1990 and math is just not the same anymore. I cannot understand the "new" ways they do it today. Now my daughter has a D in math, and I cannot help her. I have addressed this with her teacher, whose only suggestion has been an after school math club that has not yet been organized. She needs help NOW. I cannot afford private tutoring. I feel that if she had a textbook, I'd be able to work it out wi
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