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  1. Wow I will go check it out now. I shop at The Buford Hwy Farmers market when I can but I know if I just think today " it would be nice to have homemade green salsa" I can hang up getting any tomitillos. Thanks for sharing the new place. And where are the best unknown restaurants out here? Bev
  2. Think about how confusing it is in the other 42 for married couples of the same sex. You tell people you are married and they ask "oh is that legal here?" so you have to explain it is legal where you got married. How many people here got married in a different state? Are you married here? Does anyone question your status?
  3. We are right in between Holly Springs Rd and Old Yorkville Rd. we hid in the basement till things passed. It did not hit here. Tornados are so bizarre in the way they damage one road and not the next.
  4. I am suprised they have not called me In to work. I work for Georgia Power. I know they held several of our guys over tonight in anticipation of the storms. Of course my home is on Carroll EMC.
  5. We are sitting in the dark in Yorkville. How far are the power outages?
  6. I thought we were set then I was reminded the ice might cause a loss of power so then we gatered wood, went to the store for propane and made a big pot of soup (can heat it on the gas grill if needed). The chance of the freezing rain has gone way down tonight but I felt better for being ready.
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    Affair on the Square
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