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  1. All I ask is that people who own guns watch the people around you. If someone you know or love are unstable make sure they don't have access to your guns.If someone gets your guns that blood is also on your hands! So many people ignore mental health and brush it under the table and are ashamed. We need to speak up and be aware of the characteristics of mental disorders, it all truly starts at home.
  2. May I ask what school? Looking to enroll my son.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southwestern_Company Sounds like these students are getting scamed also. This company has been banned from recruiting on many college campuses.
  4. O so you think the victims brought this on themselves? Why would God ever want things like this to happen to people???? Crazy people are just crazy, in the course of history much worse has happened {the holocaust,slavery}. No video games or movies to blame for those terrible events on!
  5. Mrs. Kay on Duck Dynasty- reality Ditto on Kitty foreman
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc
  7. I've had talks with my sons about if anyone tried to touch them inappropriately. And this made me realize I hadn't really told them what to do if someone tried to grab them or get them in a car ect. So I had that conversation with my 5 year old, gonna tell my 3 year old the same and hope it sticks! I'm thinking about showing my 5 year old the video so he realizes it's a real threat. Do you think I should or is he to young? I know when I'm at the store alone with my two boys they both stay in the cart, I'm overly protective! I can't imagine the guilt that mother feels and I hope she has learned
  8. honey, balsamic pork tenderloin garlic mash potatoes and sauteed mushrooms
  9. Chicken fingers to me were good, the fries and wings, umm not so much. The fries seem to be of the frozen variety, and the wings were to slimy for my taste. I like my wings to be crispy with just enough sauce so they stay crispy. JMHO
  10. My sons love their Mobigo and i assume they would love the leappad just as much. If the leappad charges like an ipad or phone i would keep that! My kids can use up the batteries in the mobigo and in just a few days! Very annoying!
  11. I love that episode of Saved by the Bell!! Still watch it some mornings on TBS, is that sad?
  12. I love the peanut butter ritz dipped in white chocolate!! Also peanut butter balls and this year im gonna try these http://www.joyofbaking.com/Millionaire'sShorbreadBars.html , they sound so good!
  13. Nothing around 61 near food lion area.
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