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  1. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means......
  2. asdfj420


    You could also check amazon, which sells items from various Sellers, like EBAY, but you make payement to Amazon, not the Seller.
  3. Traveling Wilburys.... hands down....
  4. I agree that this is needed as I have a hard time reading some signs BUT I would rather they use the money for something more important like schools!!!! I mean really, so I have to slow down slightly to read the sign, big deal. Plus the day is coming when we will all have a GPS anyways... LOL
  5. Well, considering that Atlanta is not owned by one person, i dont see how that would compair at all.... Plus this has nothing to do with size, we are not talking about shutting down the entire internet, just the sites that are owned by individuals that allow illegal activity to take place. Also, I have been gaming for 15+ years... I play them all, ever heard of secuROM? I had major problems with Spore because of this ex: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SecuROM There are multiple third party apps like secuROM that prevent me from creating backup disc's that work. They work to reinstall a game but will not run the game. You can emulate drives on your PC and *trick* it to thinking the disc is in the drive but I would have to do this for each game which I have tried. It's very time consuming and then the discs that do not have this software wont work.
  6. IDK... these people know that copyrighted materials are being uploaded and downloaded through the site illegally. So, if that is OK since they are not the ones providing or downloading the material does that mean it's ok to let drug dealers sell drugs from inside your home, as long as you're not providing or using the drugs? I'm the kind of person that is hurt by all this theft out there. When I break a disc, I have to rebuy it because of the fact that so many people DO steal, the industry is forced to put in third party anti-theft devices that make it next to impossible for me to create backups of my PC games. Luckily, it is easy to back up audio Cd's but I tried to backup my DVDs and I have to use four various programs to do so. Now, I am not doing anything illegal, yet, I have to spend TONS of money to get around all the things they put in place to prevent criminals from stealing. Really, they end up stealing anyways and legitimate users, like me, have to pay. Nice... So, I say "two thumbs up" shut 'em down!!!
  7. asdfj420


    Oh no!! Poor Johnny!!! *Hugs to Johnny*
  8. The worst was when I went to the pet store to buy dog food and came home with a DOG!!! But, I love my little Gizmo... no regrets there. Except I should not have purchased an animal from a pet store. ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT!
  9. I don't agree with people that sue for those kinds of things but they do, I have seen it happen with one of our properties. The tenant did have insurance as well as the owner. The two companies fought over who is liable and I can't remember who won. I think the tenant's policy ended up paying. As I understand it (again not an attorney!), you are liable for almost anything that happens on property that you own.
  10. It is important to require the tenants to carry a policy that gives them a certain amount of liability coverage. If a guest is over and breaks a bone and they decide to sue.. they could sue the owner. If the Tenant also has a policy, the insurance companies can fight over who is liable.
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