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  1. they will, but you better beleive they all know theres a shortage.
  2. Try Gold'n'gun in the kmart shopping center Wild West Traders on Austell Rd. Walmart on Terrell Mill Rd. You dont care if its FMJ or JHP do you?
  3. Wait that chart is old, here is a new chart showing that the middle class has class thats in the middle with charts of jeffersonian guns and bullets that hit trinkets! :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
  4. is it any good? what kind of wares do they sell?
  5. If you use paper bullets and post the beermote icon alot to convice people one isnt a complete tool then aim will be precise and people who have money make the middle class lose because everyone with jobs are evil except jobs with bullets made of paper trinkets. :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
  6. Clearly you didnt read my thread which shows that 3890472308947802942342435235646754%%%%%%%%%%%%% of scientistologists with phds know everyone has a job and happy happy happy people are everywhere while eating moose placenta and merlot whicha re exquisite, but your a typical american who cant understand bullocks because you probably arent educated enough.
  7. A person can try to hit what theyre aiming for, like if theyre aiming to get attention by constantly posting in their own original post so as to draw attention to themselves. and if they do so they hit their target. then they post pie charts: Then they quote Jefferson: "Do you want to know who you are?" -Thomas Jefferson Then post over and over again in your own thread in a manner most irritating to most people. Do all of this and you will hit your mark! Repeatedly posting in ones own thread is georgias newest trinket, so new that only one person does it.
  8. Look we dont want to take away your coffee, but only police and military should have that much caffeine.
  9. Everyone but you and your lackey seem to get it. You remind me of the sidekick to the guy in the bar in that scene from Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy.... "Yeah!"
  10. See, if you had read the article you would know what wine I had. 0.0056% of Scientists agree that I had a lovely Asti with my variable culturally superior cuisine! But youre probably just a typical uneducated American and couldnt begin to fathom the science of my wine! Cheerio. See if you had read my link you would know where the jobs are! The scientific community of uneducated Americans have lovely meals of lebonese sushi and mallomars in amounts exceeding 4983984%
  11. It is obvious that you did not read the link. Only someone such as myself with a doctorate level education can understand what is obvious to everyone in the article I linked to. 4012988672% of Phds in the field disagree with your question GD. My information is backed up by years of research which is illustrated in this pie chart which is much better than Eddies pie chart because it is more recent and only those as educated as I am, unlike your typical uneducated American self, can understand it. The scientists disagree. It was all in my link which proves that ev
  12. Clearly you didnt read the article either. You are acting like a typical American and obviously dont get the message that everyone is happy. 965% of scientists disagree with you. This is all explained in my link.
  13. Its all in the link I posted. I dont think you read the article. You probably arent educated enough to understand the science in it. See, everyone is happy and is gainfully employed. You are happy and employed and so is everyone else. Everyone can afford everything. I dont even know why I bother trying to explain it to you. p-shaw..
  14. Everyone has a job and money and is happy! The economy is great and we have no problems at all! Once I finished eating my middle eastern/japanese/cantonese/chinese/dirtynese/lookatthese dinner which was exquisite I knew that there would be a typical American who wasnt educated enough to have agreed with the 193% of scientists who say that I am always right and that only uneducated lazy people dont understand the article and to them I say Bullocks, you should not have children. Only my husband and I should have children. My link
  15. Way to go Hamilton! Awesome! Totally awesome!
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