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  1. I used him in a custody case to get custody of my granddaughter and we won in a state where grand parents have no rights...Every lawyer can't win every case, it depends on what they have to work with. Well worth my money.
  2. I can tell you he's a good man..He has represented me in several legal battles and my family. I was a victim of domestic violence and filed for divorce which ended up being very messy. He was nothing but diligent in helping me get what I deserved. The jurors that sat on my divorce case(which took 3 days) were so impressed with him, they came to him after the case was over to ask for a business card. He is a very firm believer in justice and is very knowledgeable about the law. He also represented me in a child custody case so I could get get custody of my granddaughter in which we won and I now have custody of her. It's not easy in the state of Georgia to get custody of grand children because in Georgia grand parents don't have rights but, with his knowledge I got my granddaughter. He's a go getter and I believe he will make a very good D.A. Every lawyer doesn't win every case, it depends on what they have to work with.
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