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  1. oh there is no hope. The old Tax Break argument. LOL> I guess they probably would discuss it since im sure they paid more in taxes than all of us here on PCOM fussing bout "tax breaks". Why wouldnt we talk first about the TAX WASTE that your fearless leaders are doing now and have been for years. Should one NOT get tax breaks for investing their money and taking a chance of bankrupting their family to employ other folks and put food on their tables? Shouldnt we demand that we fix the hole "government waste" in the bathtub prior to demanding more water pressure "money" from the suppli
  2. It was meant for anyones point that Does not own a small business and sees how it is effecting them personally and financially. Everyone has an opinion as to "whats right and wrong" and affordable to businesses but the majority of those with opinions are those that do not KNOW because they do not own one.
  3. They already have sales in the millions and make a good living. I am guessing they would need your approval to do business or grow anymore. They are the "small business" folks that everyone is guessing what they will do instead of listening to the majority of them already "SHOWING" that they are not hiring. Doesnt matter our thoughts or what we think they should do, our economy is proof in itself as to what actually is happening instead of a "theory" from those that are guessing.. those that cant "teach".
  4. I have two friends that have 40+ employees and they have told me personally that they will not hire anymore until they see exactly what is in the 2400 page bill and how it will effect them directly. They earn almost 300k plus a year and spend a few million in salaries and taxes and insurance and such. They have not hired in over 1.5 years because of their worries. Anyone of us that DO NOT OWN a business can claim what ever in the heck you want to claim but until its YOUR DIME that your spending for others to work for you.. Your point is useless and pointless.
  5. I think he sent that same message to Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama last year too, oh and the city of Atlanta 3 years ago... Oh oh and Poole elementary either.
  6. We take food weekly to Poole elementary school on Sundays for Westridge churches food donations for the Kids to take home for weekend food in their backpacks. We love knowing were giving to kids specifically.
  7. Im here in NOLA now. It's still sorta dirty. I am eating good food and a bar called THE BULLDOG on Magazine street was fun. Don't eat at Mahoneys, it good but lunch for 2 was 56$...
  8. CAN'T BE!!!!! no way there could still be Corp wellfare. That's what "hope and Change" was about. You know.... Making the rich pay and us little guys Not too.
  9. Now I'm craving a burger and MILK!!!!! Thanks yall. ~
  10. The only shame is that our young college friends are only taught the single minded theory of liberalism is the only proper belief. College use to be for teaching and informing. Not ramming BS liberalism down their throats. It's a shame they are not allowed to use true judgment. Stalin knew that by changing ONE teachers mind could effect thousands. True Marxism at its finest. THANKS HIPPIE GEN.
  11. Wow, I am sorry to hear about this. I had him for History back in the day. May God Rest his soul.
  12. I listen to radio365 as they have a thousand different types of stations. Typically I listen to 80's mix.
  13. I cant attach any of the photos here. the files are too large it seems. oh i need lots of help. lol. I need to get it squared away so i can do it just part time and make only extra income instead of living income.
  14. Its definitely cold here. Beautiful but cold. The French Canadians are very nice and most speak English well. Very few have been rude. Sorta typical everywhere. I am loving the thoughts of coming back this spring or summer.
  15. Quebec city is amazingly beautiful and COLD this time of year. I have decided to put DEEP Green back as a PT job and accepted a sales job that was offered by a Canadian Corp. I flew here Monday and have really enjoyed it, but the French thing is way overrated. LoL. Tonight I'm going to CARNIVAL here in Quebec city. Can't wait and will let you know how cool it is. Have fun and enjoy the warmth PC.
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