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  1. Holy Cow, I'm glad y'all aren't in charge. I'm as angered and appalled as the rest of you, but just who do you think we should "nuke?" Those responsible? OK. Where are they? Somewhere in Libya and/or Egypt? Should we wipe out two countries because of the action of a few dozen? Would that really make the situation better? Some of you complain about the President campaigning and ignoring the incident, when you turn this into the biggest political football on the planet. Yeehaw Doctor Strangeloves, lets ride it to the ground!
  2. I have some new information on this company, Cute, if you can call me. 404-897-7000 extension 7756. Thanks.
  3. I echo the sentiments on River Street and the Crab Shack. We also enjoyed a carriage ride around D/town Savannah. I also really like a place called Love's Seafood, its a bit south of Savannah on Hwy 17. Part of Forrest Gump was filmed there. Some of the best fried seafood I've had.
  4. Without drawing any conclusions about this case, but after making a quick law enforcement call I'll say this.... If the news put every report of a missing adult on the air, it would set a dangerous precedent. They typically wait for a law enforcement request because most "missing" adults turn out to be missing on purpose. There is no law enforcement request in this case. AND this is apparently not the first incident of this individual going missing, which gives LEO reason for pause. Still this is a good venue to seek information for the family.
  5. There have been a lot of power line surveys over west Cobb the past few days. Helicopters fly low and slow (500 feet or so) over power lines to check them out. They do this quite a bit, but this helicopter (blue and red, kinda striped) seemed lower than most.
  6. PRESS RELEASE On March 19, 2007 officers of the Paulding County Sheriff's Office arrested 37 year old John Turner Sanders, Jr. of Taylorsville, Ga. Officers arrested Sanders after a chase began when officers attempted to arrest him during the commission of a felony in a subdivision under construction. During the pursuit, Sanders directed the vehicle he was operating at Paulding Deputies on several occasions as they attempted to get him to stop. He struck another vehicle causing it to overturn on Cedarcrest Road in Paulding County. The citizen in the overturned vehicle did not report any serious injuries. Sanders also wrecked the vehicle he was driving during the process. In addition to traffic charges, Sanders is also being charged with Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Obstruction and Aggravated Assault. He is currently held in the Paulding County Detention Center. No bond has been set. Paulding County Sheriff Bruce Harris urges all citizens to report suspicious activity in or around construction areas and neighborhoods, as theft of materials and new appliances in new homes are on the rise. Any information can be reported to the Criminal Investigations Division at 770-443-3015.
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