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  1. Has it occured to any one that she might not be able to go to work because of her health.I have been widowed and disabled since 2006 and I have to fight for my own money[disability].Some people that has never worked can get all kinds of benefits but not me after 40 years of working and paying into it.

  2. Praying for these kids and their families. So sad & scary! I remember when that happened here in Hiram probably 20-25 years ago. Not real clear on the details but it was either 2 or 3 boys, brothers I think, that were playing on a frozen pond off of Cleburne Pkwy when they fell through and drowned. My neighbor's little girl went to school with one of them. It was a horrible time. :( :(

  3. Thanks. The joy you give out in this post and all your other post is what makes PCOM a pleasure.


    NOT! :wacko:


    Next time I'll be sure to spend hours scanning through the archives to see if something has already be posted so I don't accidently repost something. Or, I know....you can just choose to click the pretty blue button that says "recent topics" and continue on your way to find something else to complain about.


    I could care less about post numbers. My original user name before I became a commerce member was number 44 back when I joined in 2003. I'm pretty much over the whole post count stuff, and over how much longer I have been here than others including you....well, I guess I'm not all the much over it rookie. :rolleyes:


    Thank you very much.

  4. Jack Russell just went through this with her mother in law. They did not seem to like the hospice care facility in Austell but when they brought the MIL back home under hospice care they were very impressed. THey had a male nurse and he was a good one.


    I think the main thing is to ask questions - if you dont ask you wont know. The folks that do hospice work have done it for a while and can talk you though an "what if" you may be wondering.

    The man I sit with at his home has had a lot of problems with healthfield.They have been seeing him for 3or4 years and have just relized that his insurance pays them not medicare so he was dropped for a week because they said medicare would no longer pay which they dont pay anyhow. He has doctoes orders to have blood drawn once a week but they ignored those orders.

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