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  1. Madea: The anonymous Dustin is not anonymous... its David aUSTIN. He's a Democrat who ran as a Republican to get elected as Commissioner in Paulding Co.,and he and his "good old boy" network are working WITH Will. They hate Paulette because she is not their "yes man". This has been true for years now. She knows THEIR secrets, folks and they know she does. Hang on to your hats...I have heard all the mud they are slinging at her and have read the "official" reports. This is just another bunch of desperation. WHY IS IT OPEN SEASON ON CONSERVATIVE, REPUBLICAN WOMEN ALL OVER THE NATION RIGHT NOW? This is pathetic. Last I heard, she IS going to address these issues, but not sure of the forum.
  2. I have a stack of Paulette mailers which came in the week of the run-off. I would like to know where the money came from. The law states we, as voters, had the right to know that before the run-off election, and Paulette denied us that information. Hey Surepip/Supersleuth: With all your desperate and amateur digging, didn't you figure out that she owns a direct mail marketing company and does her own mailers...duh! ...Keep trying and maybe one day you'll earn your Dick Tracy badge! p.s. stay tuned... your bubble will burst soon
  3. I agree. I hope he can get help and I wish him and his family well. Suicide is such a selfish act fueled by depression and a sense of hopelessness and loss of control . Politics aside, he is a human being who needs help before he does the unthinkable. Hopefully he has someone in his life that can reach him.
  4. How have the others proven themselves, pray tell? Avery by trying to play the old "moderate" democrat card (seems like Obama did the same thing to get elected), now look what we are dealing with!! Stout served about a month in the house and missed 45 votes. One day was excused for his "day job" and the others he has never admitted to, but can be proven by going on the state leg. website. I'm not sure where being a business woman since the age of 21, raising 3 kids, serving on the local school board and being active in her community falls in the "not having proven herself category". I think some folks are afraid as I noted in a previous post, that she will not give in and be a puppet for the establishment. I met her too, when she came to my doorstep one afternoon in tennishoes, asking for my vote. She convinced me that day, after I did a little research, that she is the real deal (sorry to steal someone else's campaign slogan here)!
  5. Braddock has my vote because she seems honest and conservative. She voted against all but one tax increase and has stated publically, that she regretted that vote (before the 1st vote was cast). She has run a business on her own, since she was 21, for 22 yrs, while the others were still in diapers. Folks, this is no time to elect or send back inexperienced, ineffective children to represent this district. I don't mean to be rude but, I think either of the other 2 will just be moldable little puppets for the powers that be. Like her or not, Braddock will stand firm. I have talked to her and her stances on the important issues, have been held by her for a long time, not just when she decided to run for political office. I also like her plans to address the issues that are most important to me. (jobs, new industry,transportation & education).
  6. So your point is what? That all Paulding voters are stupid because your candidate was defeated? WOW!
  7. I don't know anyone who read it who didn't think it was a biased joke, planted by a Stout surrogate. Give the PC folks some credit...
  8. It would be great to leave this whole SOAP OPERA behind and get to the business of finding a servant for the people, wouldn't it? I know no one is perfect but this has an uncomfortable level of "creepy" factor in it for me. Sorry, but it's too much info.
  9. I have not trashed Mr. Golden. The "true colors" article was written by STOUT'S friend, Ron Davis. I think it reflected badly on them and no one else, because it was so obviously biased. I think most people would agree with that. Furthermore, Stout's surrogates also started the rumors about the disgruntled homeowners. Your anger is directed in the wrong place.
  10. I hate to break it to you Dear, but Daniel was only a House Rep. for about 19 days total (days in session) and he still managed to miss 45 votes, of which, only 19 were missed on the infamous "day off for bank audit". (A job that he has now quit, as I understand it). Anyway, I also have it on good authority that some of the other votes he missed were because he was taking 3 hours lunches and playing nintendo in his office. I don't think that falls into the category of "doing what Paulding county wants". We need a mature Representative that will actually show up for work. God willing, we will get one.
  11. Campaign money$ cannot substitute for old school, knocking on thousands of doors like her campaign did. This lady (Paulette Braddock), worked it and deserves some grassroots respect! She's got my vote in the run-off against Stout on August 10th!
  12. Yeah right, and Obama campaigned as a moderate too! I won't fall for the "sensible moderate democrat" while campaigning and the "liberal nightmare", after the election trick. Have you learned nothing little sheep, with all that wool over your eyes??
  13. Just curious why you think Stout will win? I thought being an incumbent would be a negative this year?
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