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  1. Here is your answer. Advertising materials of commercial, political, or religious nature shall not be displayed or distributed in the schools or on the school grounds except: 1. Schools with interscholastic athletic programs may display advertisements in athletic areas (gyms, football fields, baseball fields) as a service to commercial business sponsors who help support the athletic programs; Protection of Pupil Rights is also defined in the OCGA and 20 USC.
  2. Some products that are made in China or other countries are just fine. Some are garbage. I simply try to draw the line at food products. A while ago I was buying apple juice and started noticing that most of the low end brands were made in China and the top end brands were mixed in China. Now a couple of months later most all of the brands are made in China. I just refuse to buy food products made in another country. The good part about it is my son asked me about the apple orchard we visit in N. GA. and why we can't drink those apples. I told him that we will from now on!
  3. None of the North Fulton cities seem to be hurting for services and they all seem to have pretty solid tax bases. I think the structure of the new cities in Georgia has a lot to do with their success and viability.
  4. Congratulations to all of the newly elected officials and to the people who held themselves out for public office but fell short. It is a humbling experience to run for office and anyone who takes on the challenge deserves the respect of their fellow citizens.
  5. I would not go that far! In some instances, you couldn't slide a piece of paper between their differences. I don't think either has sufficiently articulated what specific actions they would take once in office.
  6. Well okay, you could keep the right to vote on the state school superintendent but we get rid of the state Board of Education. That way the people or the persons directly in charge of education are accountable. As it stands now an appointed board has decision-making authority. Georgia, at one point tried electing superintendents, it did not work out. Most superintendents around the state of Georgia do not want to be elected.
  7. After reading most of their platform, hearing them speak and speaking with them personally I believe both candidates are qualified. However, the better question is should we even have an elected state school superintendent. Regardless of who wins, it is probably well past time to have a conversation about eliminating it. The state Board of Education is made up of appointed individuals and they have a lot more say about education policy than the elected superintendent.
  8. This is proof positive you shouldn't confuse the term journalist with blogger. Generally, a person has enough sense to disavow some of the information their spouting. But I guess to disavow information you would have to have at least a general basis of knowledge. It amazes me sometimes, that people who sit in front of the computer all day making stuff up, don't have the ability to independently research information.
  9. Not exactly true but close. If the State of Georgia accepts federal funding (they take a lot) and then passes it on as state funding you have the same net effect. The State rules also have nutrition guidelines, regulations and state law regarding nutrition. But I guess its easier to blame the "Feds" instead of the state.
  10. Actually, charter schools are different from public schools. Charter schools can be vastly different from public schools and/or they can be made to only be slightly different from public schools. I don't know of many schools that have kids listening to lectures all day. I certainly don't know what interests all kids. That would be really a stretch. If a homeschool parent set up there teaching method to lecture to their child for a couple of hours, who would know about it and why would it be wrong if that's what they wanted. To be able to compare and contrast the different types of education models, plans and ideas does take some knowledge about them. So, we agree that it would be nice if people would take time to learn about a topic before jumping to conclusions.
  11. Actually, the same generalizations that people make about unschooling and charters are the same generalizations that you are making about public school.
  12. This seems to be the unspoken side of the "school choice" debate. Having the ability to make the educational choices for your child means other people get to decide whats best for their children as well. Yes, those choices sometimes may not line up with the values of others but having the absolute freedom to decide also means having the freedom to fail.
  13. The compulsory education law in GA is not very well written and has loop holes. A person who wants to seek an "alternative path to education" must file a form with the local BOE and provide information on curriculum and instruction. The information is housed by the BOE and monitored by the administration. At least that is how the law is written. In reality the school system has no enforcement power and can only monitor and report the abuse of the law etc.
  14. Actually, "unschooling" is only somewhat related to home schooling. The concepts are pretty different but they both add a lot more parental involvement in the education of their children. Being a big fan of all types of education, whether I agree with it or not, I think there may be some merit in this type of thinking. The definition of success and the meaning of being well rounded are pretty much open to interpretation.
  15. LOL, OK I stand corrected. The State Bar does say "disbarment". That would be fair game. However, I still think a person's appearance generally has little bearing on their ability to serve. Effectiveness, maybe.
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