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  1. I hadn't posted on here for a while after I had been "outed," but now that I actually have time beyond politics, I wanted to come back on and thank those of you for both your support and criticism. I have met many of you personally, and it has been a pleasure, and I hope to meet more in time. Until then, I will end with what Will said. And . I've always wanted occasion to use the ninja.
  2. You are mischaracterizing many things in this post. For one, Will worked for a number of years out of college, both as a land surveyor and as an archaeologist. Just like Paulette has done, and at the same time, Will took some classes (in his case, to obtain a Master's Degree) while also working as a Professor (and a land surveyor). As I understand it, in this economy, many people have returned to colleges to improve their education. Will and I have never exactly talked about this subject, however it is something I presume you can broach with him. Characterizing him as a "college studen
  3. Looks like this budding lawyer has some research to do . Anyone wish to join me on Westlaw? Naturegirl, you in?
  4. I would think you could present an argument there if Georgia's legislature was anywhere close to going Democrat. Frankly, it's not remotely close. There are only a handful of truly contested races statewide.
  5. I'm working right now at a national law firm, and I am getting paid quite nicely. I also plan to attend law school next year. It's pretty much the perfect job, and I have no intention of leaving. I'm volunteering with Will because I believe in what he has to say and do.
  6. I don't think that to be the case. If someone does not like me, take it out on me. But I see myself as a likeable guy, at least If anyone here thinks that who I am (which I will note that "who I am" has been grossly mischaracterized) is a deciding factor in this election, then they never planned to vote for Will anyway. I have apologized for anyone I have misled, and I remain here not only to talk to all of you, but answer your questions about who I am. Like I've said before, this election is about Will & Paulette. Talk about their pasts, their visions, their politics. Right now
  7. I'd put money down on the number of informed voters as well as the number of registered in D-19
  8. I'm not sure that ever happened. I was with Will during his qualifying, but that's it. I think you might have some things mixed up. As far as I know, the elder GOP Steve Golden is the only one who ran.
  9. Well I, for one, think Will has much to gain from a debate
  10. Who says I'll be gone anytime soon? I quite like P-com, and I plan to say active around these parts. I'll miss you far too much, Madea.
  11. Don't hold it against all of us. The only idiots out there are people who complain and complain, but don't go out and vote. You have the right to do it, so if you want to be heard, vote! Y'all aren't idiots. None of ya.
  12. Sorry for using your quote. I usually just use the last one. Didn't mean anything by it
  13. This is all getting to be a little crazy, for my book. I've already talked about who I am, and apologized to anyone who may have been misled by me. But what I said here was truthful. I don't write lies, even if I am writing under an alias. There's no reason I should. We can continue to bash me (I've heard it all, I was bullied mercilessly in high school), or we can talk about the race. I've already said many times that I'm not here to talk about Paulette's friends, donors, associates, what have you. Frankly, they're not running for election this year. If surepip and feelip and every
  14. If you want my personal opinion, the race should be Will v. Paulette. I personally do not care about who she associates with, as that is her business. Surepip and feelip might feel a bit different, but I prefer to judge each candidate based on their own merits, not those of others.
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