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  1. Just got back from Northside Elementary. In and out in less than 10 minutes.
  2. I have seen a few P.commers who have applied to and gotten jobs off the CL site. I'm not to fond of it, but still look anyway. How do you know if a job is legit or not or do you just take a high chance? I haven't applied to anything that doesn't have a real website or doesn't post a company name. Just curious. Have found MANY jobs that are in my expertise, but only email to send resume to is the CL email at the top.
  3. My sister works for Pratt and Whitney in Columbus and she says it is true. Makes me wonder though if those positions will be filled by the students who are attending the new fully funded training for Lockheed at Chat Tech. Lockheed will be able to pay these students a very good salary, but will be WAY below current employee salaries.
  4. Found a few news articles saying that it was infact REAL and others saying fake. IDK, I guess don't take to much stock into it. Sorry. I did see a video of a small one in NY not far from the shore, don't know how to properly post though. ALL family is from the areas of NJ, DE etc and say there are warnings of this happening.
  5. Cousin from inland Jersey sent these to my wife. Photos from WABC Channel 7.
  6. First pic WTC Construction site. Second is subway station posted on FB. No I didn't take a pic on my TV. Guess its from a news station. Pics posted by Reed Trimmer from "Storm Chasers"
  7. They didn't go outside today. Sorry I wasn't specific enough for you. Come see my trees and how much $$$$ it will be costing to cut down the 7 75' oak trees that are for some reason dying at the tops. I guess they could have gone out on the driveway and get knocked out by a nut. ( has a green shell,but not walnut). Hate our property, can't wait to get off it. I grew in woods, and have NEVER seen branches fall like ours do. I have a 6 ft tall fire stack every weekend.
  8. With all the trees we have, our kids didn't go outside at all. Hate it for them, but would rather them be safe. Had a LARGE branch fall in our backyard this morning. Trees leaning bad in our neighborhood.
  9. Just turned on the free scanner app on my phone for the FDNY Manhattan area, sounding scary. Reports of MANY persons trapped in water, buildings under construction collapsing and the crane from earlier has large pieces falling from it
  10. My wife has a friend whose mom stayed home somewhere along the Jersey Shore. One of those Gov Christie is calling "STUPID". Hate being negative, but she may not live to regret it. SAD Edited to add: My wife just talked to family in DE. Was told they showed on news up there that the Atlantic City Boardwalk is gone.
  11. They are saying doc was able to pop it back to place immediately at hospital
  12. Our family in the Pocono area is more worried about the close to 2 feet of snow following the storm that might leave them stranded for over a week. Seems the past couple days forecasters have forgotten that aspect.
  13. Sounds like they left a nerve behind. I'd demand it checked NOW!!!!!!
  14. Second that one. VERY inexpensive on towing.
  15. Check CL. There are a few chainsaws and other items you named in the west Atl link that are a little to good to be true on prices. Also check the local FB yardsale pages.
  16. "I'd like to see the herd that you and Jake could gather. A herd of whores...maybe." Lonesome Dove (Great Series)
  17. Okay thanks for more info folks. It was a small plug this morning that said the kid was 4. I knew it didn't make sense. Thank You. Wife snd I were a little shocked to hear it at first. We love the school
  18. I can't find any link and its not on their website, but on WSB Radio this morning they said Paulding Cnty Sheriff is investigating that a teacher pinned a 4 yr old special needs student to the floor. Sounded like it happened a week or so ago. We have kids that go there and haven't heard about any of this. I didn't think they had a program for 4 yr olds. Story didn't really make sense. Just wondering.
  19. Well then I guess I am just a worthless" loser" in your book. Doesn't matter b/c myself and my family don't feel that way. I was laid off from a job making good money, but instead of filing and being criticized for drawing unemployment I will take that worthless minimum wage job until I make what I was making. I will bust my a** for peanuts for a period even if I have to work 3 jobs and MANY hours a week b/c I love to work and my family means everything to me. Unfortunately to make what I was making, that will mean moving out of state, but back to my home state. In my field there isn't a
  20. IMO, I think it would've looked great with stamped brick sidewalk instead of concrete. I know $ is a factor, but would have looked nice and historical.
  21. janko9


    Did not personally know JJ, but always enjoyed reading his topics/posts. Peace be with him.
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