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  1. http://www.felixfamilylights.com/
  2. I was a little disturbed this morning when the wife and I were in WalMart. Saw Bushmaster replica rapid repeat BB guns. Our neighbor's kid already torchers animals, thats all he needs.
  3. IDK HLN says the brother is dead others say in custody. FOX is reporting his friend and girlfriend missing. What a news mess. ABC just reports Adam Lanza (brother) is the shooter.
  4. I think CNN screwed up. A friend posted tweets from Ryan Lanza pictured above to CNN. Pardon language in link http://gawker.com/59...g-up-everything . God Bless all the children and others in CT.
  5. WSB reported this morning the man has them hidden away for fear of being killed for them.
  6. Agreed. Ga will beat the snot out of them. Its going to be one sided and kind of a slap in the face. Only reason why Nebraska is playing in Big 10 Championship is b/c of the OSU and Penn State problems.
  7. We switched from Crapcast to Uverse back in July and regret not doing it sooner. Our bill is $60+/month cheaper includes 350 channels plus premier channels (HBO, Cinemax etc) free HD for 1 year (even after only $10/month. Internet is way faster than Crapcast and phone calls are so crystal clear to hear that its almost like talking to someone in the same room. We recommend Uverse to anyone. We now have an HD tv, but we didn't when we had Crapcast. Still hadto pay for HD service even though we didnt have it. Uverse customer service is some of the best we have ever had. Everytime a bird far
  8. Georgia Vs Nebraska Capital One Bowl
  9. http://www.examiner.com/article/browns-employee-suicide-hung-himself-nfl-team-s-equipment-shed Just saw this story. Bad weekend in the NFL.
  10. Yeah, that didn't make any sense
  11. Its evident you aren't understanding the topic convo.
  12. No your fine. No one noticed my comment LOL http://paulding.com/...ces-is-illegal/
  13. The sign next to the driver door is a price sign on inside of the fence, there is another a few feet down. Many Wal Marts have them posted on the inside. The solid door is towards the back of the car. The 2 pics are different as stated above. One pic shows a door with a sign and the other show a door with no sign.
  14. I posted this is the original topic from the other day. Am I not the only one that notices the differences? 1. Car pic has NO Fire Exit sign on door, 2. Look a the concrete (carless photo has black rubber down from the carts), 3. Angle car pic is taken, looks as if it is blocking door, willing to bet its more forward.
  15. What is going on???? Its believed to be LB Javon Belcher http://www.kctv5.com...then-kills-self
  16. Haven't heard any updates yet. As for your statement about your uncle, I am still trying to rack my brain on why a very dear friend/ex co worker killed himself the Monday before Thanksgiving in NC. Wasn't found until Sat after Thanksgiving. He was the most generous and kind man I have ever known. None of it makes sense to me. Still in denial he would do it. He was older had lots of money because he never spent it had a great personnal life. ??????
  17. Brookwood Learning Center will have an AWESOME float.
  18. I'll be Home With Bells On. Kenny Rodgers/Dolly Parton
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