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  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday. Could that be whats wrong with America? We need to pause and remember ALL the things we have to be thankful for.
  2. fed-up


    Hard Rock Cafe is NOT cheap and I've been 2 times and the food was NOT worth the money.
  3. Teachers can't take calls during their workday.
  4. Depends, if you have 2 school age kids that pick on each other ALL the time. Last night I prayed for 70 degrees today. LOL Actually we had a blast yesterday in the snow, I'm just not sure about being in the house all week.
  5. If I remember correctly Cobb Co. was already out of school for the day due to the extremely cold temps. they were afraid they couldn't heat all the schools properly. We had had several days of 10 degrees or lower, that's why the snow stuck immediately when it fell. I was 17 and since we were already home from school my dad let me and a friend drive to the Smyrna Post Office it get something in the mail before the storm hit, well it hit while we were out and my dad started walking trying to find us. (NO CELLE PHONES) We were fine, I was just taking my time, watching all the idiots slide off th
  6. 3 out of 4 in the family had it, the worst is 24 hours, but 48 to totally feel better. It was awful, body aches too.
  7. I love to ride the SCT. It is a great resource for our county. I agree that bikers should stop when there is a stop sign. I am trying to teach my kids to stop, but then they see others blow threw the stop sign. Not a good example for the kids. Everyone should go to the train tunnel it is so cool.
  8. Rec league is for LEARNING, So that means ALL kids should play in order to LEARN. Sports should not be so competitive until middle school. In middle school they are more mature and understand winning and losing. Plus most kids that don't get the hang of the sport quit at sometime. Kids are not stupid they know when they are not wanted on a team or can't play up to the level of everyone else. And yes, it's mostly the parents that make the rec league a miserable experience for everyone.
  9. Tenure has NOTHING to do with why teachers are NOT voting for Barnes. He promised a 9% pay raise, I believe we received about 4%, but then he turned around and ran adds about how horrible Georgia teacher were and that we were a disgrace. He stabbed teachers in the back after teachers were the ones who supported him. Well I hope teachers have not forgotten. I my opinion we don't have a choice for governor they are both crooks.
  10. Didn't see it, Oprah has gotten way to far out there for me. But PARENTS are the key to education. I went to my 3rd graders orientation night. There are 4 teachers they each teach about 25-30 students. Let's take the lower number that's 100 students. Only 20 percent of the parents showed up for the orientation. There were 24 parents there and 4 sets were both parents, 20 out of 100 students were represented. What a shame. The teachers did an excellent job with the presentation and answered everyones questions. The value of education starts at home. Your kids reflect YOU.
  11. I love the one where Aunt Bee and the ladies get into the Indian Tonic. Barney saids "Andy I think they're sauced" Also when Otis buys a car, and Andy and Barney pretend that he is dead and they sing the song that they are going to sing at his funeral. I to was shocked at the Andy/Obama add, but I've only seen it once, do you think Andy got a lot of crap about it and it stopped playing?
  12. At 2:30, 278 in Hiram, traffic was aweful. What is up with that. And the heat is making people crazy.
  13. Yes, AYP is recalculated after the GHSGT retakes, so the status of the high schools that didn't pass, could change to passing. You might also find it interesting to know that 500 is a passing score on the GHSGT, but you have to score 515 or 516(cant' remember) for it to counts as passing for AYP. Hummmmm
  14. Barns promised teachers a 9 % raise, I believe we got 4%, then he started calling teachers incompetent. He will NEVER have my vote or respect. He is a career politician and ALL career politcians need to go!!! They have one agenda and that is SELF!!!
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